XTREME 2-Outlet Wall Tap w/USB Ports

First I would like to say that the device works as advertised, all of the ports function and it is very simple to setup.

The problems:
The “Shelf” isn’t securely connected to the unit so it is unstable.

There is only (1) three pronged plug and it is centered on the device. This renders a (2) prong outlet useless, they should have offset the plug or put (2) on the device.

Lastly there is a screw hole on the top of the device, it looks as though it “could” be for screwing into the face-plate of the wall outlet for a more secure unit. But again since the plug is not offset it doesn’t line up with anything and could have just been avoided all together…

Worth a few bucks, I have seen better and I have seen much worse.