Xtreme 6' HDMI Cable - 2 Pack

Looks a little dangerous. Is this thing venomous?

Are these hdmi 1.4 (3D compliant)?

If you have Amazon Prime, then it’s better to buy the AmazonBasics 2 Pack. If you don’t, then this is better.

It’s still a decent price on HDMI cables.

They’re good because they’re XTREME!!!

it says 3D compliant in the description.


I like the Xtreme cables because they tend to be a little more flexible and better for getting around corners. Especially the hole in the back of my tv stand.

…or find something else you need on WOOT! and get free shipping on these! That was what I was just hunting for.

If you have a HD-TV but don’t even have A very basic set of cables like this then the difference will be night and day.

I bought new TV and got some cheap HDMI cables like this off woot and my dad was wondering why every TV but his looked so nice.

Also, Don’t Believe the hype. Brands like Monster are all hype and overpriced garbage. Save yourself 90 dollars and buy a two pack from woot instead.

Wow! The Monster Cable model is over $100. What a deal!

Supports the defined input/output protocols for 3D video formats to allow you to enjoy 3D gaming and 3D home theater applications

I just want to hug all of you that read the description.

Not a bad deal, but if you don’t need 3D compliant ones, you can find them for around $0.99 apiece on Amazon and other places.

I bought 10 HDMI cables a while back for $1/each, and they were 10’ in length. I’ve got enough HDMI cables for me and my friends to last until the next type of cable is released. And the cables were of pretty good quality and have performed well for me. Cables are a big money maker with “extreme” profit margins. If I paid $11 for 2 6’ cables, I’d feel a little foolish. And there is plenty of information out there on the internet regarding differences between HDMI cables, and the consensus is that there is almost zero difference between cables that are manufactured to minimal specs and quality. And even the cheapest made 6’ HDMI cable will transmit every bit of data from the most demanding source including 3D. If I were making longer runs through walls, then quality becomes more of an issue.

These cables do look more flexible and less stiff than the typical HDMI cable, so if that is important to you, go for it.

6 footer is going to cost 2 or 3 bucks most places, even monoprice or mycablemart.
Solid deal, especially if you’ve got a free shipping coupon laying around somewhere. These would have been great in the wootoff.

Any new piece of kit is going to need an hdmi cable, tv’s roku boxes, pc to big screen match-ups. 6 foots a good length to, if you buy something that needs and HDMI, they’ll either not give it to you, or give you a little two footer, hoping you’ll be stupid and buy the horrendously marked up one at the store, so they can make up their margins. (tl/dr- worth grabbing, eventually you’ll look like a magician when you need one and it’s on hand)

Here’s an example of a better price:

And yes, I have used them for 3D and they work great. They are also very flexible. In addition, I bought a 50’ HDMI cable from the same place (also works fine for 3D and Ethernet connection, but not flexible) which currently connects my computer to my TV on other side of room. If you’re in Las Vegas, they have free local pickup.
Aside from this store there are MANY other sources on the internet for MUCH cheaper HDMI cables as John mentioned above.

I’ll get 2 packs, cheaper than anywhere else and I can dole them out as needed without people asking me to drive somewhere to get some. Also serves as a proof of point that you don’t need $100 dollar HDMI cables.

I’ll keep my 10 foot green one from Monoprice in my laptop bag though, its green~

Getting a few of these to keep in my suitcase, occasionally the hotel room TVs have HDMI inputs, so this way I can (ab)use their TV with my tablet.

this is great. my $5 coupon is about to expire in a few days and who doesnt need a couple extra hdmi cables.

for what its worth… i have used plenty of el cheapo hdmi cables, and plenty of $30 from wal mart and best buy… they all produce the same picture in my eyes.<-- literally.