Xtreme 6ft HDMI Cable – 2 Pack

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Xtreme 6ft HDMI Cable – 2 Pack [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Xtreme 6 foot 1080p HDMI 1.3b Cable - 2 Pack

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Nearly $30 on Amazon

There’s something icky about this cable… It looks like it’s about to attack! Good thing it’s tied up in the middle!

Is this a hostile type that needs to be constantly charmed to work with your TV though?

3-Pack 6-foot Super Hi-Resolution, Gold Plated 1080P HDMI Cables v1.3!

Only! $2.99 + $4.99 S/H


decent deal, I’m sure there are cheaper ones out there.

BTW there really isn’t much of a difference between different brands of HDMI cables other than construction. Quality should all be around the same since its a digital signal.

In other words if you need an HDMI cable buy it and don’t think that stupid monster brand is any better, They are just marked waaaaaaaay up. BB employees can get monster for under ten bucks usually.


I don’t know if my The O.C. Blurays would transfer over a normal one.

There might be some cables that are a little cheaper, but these do have gold connectors for minimal dropouts, and thick strain relief. So they do everything the overpriced cables do.

“Nitrogen (N2) Injected Dielectric”

Sounds like overkill.

Dear Woot Picture Guy:
How did you get the cables to stand like that?

Does it really stand up by itself if you bend it, like in the picture? Is this Gumby cable?

The gold plated crud is pretty much good for nothing more than corrosion prevention and maybe a slightly more secure connection. Signals sent via HDMI are digital.

you can’t have a STRONGER digital signal. It is a common misconception. Digital signals either work or don’t. You either get picture…or black screen.

Insulating does nothing when it comes to signal strength.

Another thing I have notice when I compare my cheaper HDMI to some more expensive ones is the flexibility but this isn’t usually too much of a problem because once its connected your good for a few years.

That is unless you have a really really expensive system, then it might matter slightly, very slightly. But it will still be hard to tell.

Yes, I read an exhaustive test online that tried to determine whether expensive cables were any better.

They’re not, especially at short distances (under 50 feet)

This is why I like digital signals. Here’s the link:

part1: introduction:

part2: Lots of test results

part3: conclusions:

If I needed an HDMI cable (or two) I’d go for this.

I picked up some 12’ Phillips HDMI cables a while back here on woot and they have served me well.

But now I get most of my cables and AV supplies from Monoprice.com You can’t beat their prices on HDMI Cables.

Best deal that I’ve found is from eforcity on eBay. I received mine yesterday and they seem no worse than my friend’s $15 cables. The vendor is located in California and I’ve had good experiences with them for other items.

3 x 6-foot HDMI Cables for $6.95, free S/h ($2.32 each)


Eforcity are excellent. I’ve bought a numbrer of cables etc from them in the past on ebay too.

So it turns out with shipping the 6 foot cables at monoprice would be $0.61 more expensive.

If you go with 5 foot cables you WOULD save a little money. If you need six foot cables this is not a bad price with shipping.

I thought the gold-plating was for corrosion, not dropouts. As long as the wires are conducting, there shouldn’t be dropouts unless there was breakage. If I’m not mistaken, copper is the preferred conductor, not gold, but copper oxidizes easily by oxygen.

BTW, every HDMI cable I’ve seen has claimed gold-plating so these may be nothing special. That include the $2.32 cables I posted in another message. of course, it Could be fake gold-plating but I doubt it Since the process is So cheap,

Here’s a hint: instead of buying more expensive longer HDMI cables, simply buy the above standard 6’ cables and couple them together as necessary. I just bought a Female-to-Female :slight_smile: coupler on eBay for $1.99.


How safe is their Payment methods tho . As They dont go thru Paypal. But a Different method. One I never seen b4 , So as I dont know to trust it or not.