Xtreme Cables v1.4 6-Foot HDMI Cable - 2 Pack

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Xtreme Cables v1.4 6-Foot HDMI Cable - 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Well, the cameras went fast. That’s a relief.

Awesome write-up.

It’s a trap! The pic looks like mini-HDMI to HDMI, but I don’t think it is. I need one of those for my tablet.

What would I use these things for?

well are they 1.3 or 1.4?

Why, Woot, do we always have all these HDMI cables shoved down our throats? There are all sorts of other kinds of cables in this world. I, for one, could really use an optical cable longer than 2’8" - the one that the jerk at Best Buy told me was 3 feet long is 3 inches too short.
How about RCA or component cables? How about cable TV? How about cable ties and a cable tying kit? Fiber optic cables? Ethernet cables? Why always HDMI? WHY!!

It’s the 3d effect of the photo. The top cable is “coming out at you” making it look larger because it is closer. It appears to be a standard HDMI cable to me.

well if you read it you’ll find out they’re 1.4.

or 1.3b

Because it’s hip and cool that’s why!

Per the title…

Xtreme Cables v1.4 6-Foot HDMI Cable - 2 Pack

Bahh… Lamee…

I’m confused. The picture shows HDMI to HDMI mini, but there is no mention of this in the write-up.

was wondering the same thing

Does anyone have these? Are they any good?

Probably because hdmi cables in the stores are the biggest rip-off - you would be hard pressed to find even a cheap cable at a store for under $20, so I have no problem with this being readily available on the internet - I don’t feel like being taken to the cleaners if I need an HDMI cable right away! Already ordered 2 the other day when they were on here, don’t really need them right now but this is too good of a deal to pass up and have a few spares laying around!

Monoprice.com is a better deal!!!

These are regular HDMI cables. Ignore the strange picture. The title says 1.4 but the technical specs say it’s 1.3b…no real difference that I know of.