XtremeMac Clocks and Docks



So, who’s up bright and early and wants to help find reviews on these? :slight_smile:


tango has some good reviews… but you guys might recognize this website.

looks like that one will work with a droid phone too, since it’s blue tooth.


The XtremeMac Tango TRX have quite good reviews on Amazon

Also some Luna Voyager unboxing and review


The Luna SST is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned. It does not keep time accurately (it will gain 20 minutes in month, so I have to always update the time manually or sync it with my iphone). It also does not remember alarms correctly. If you change an alarm time, and set the alram on, it still goes off at the old time. I would never buy again.


How many of you are waiting for iPhone 5? Even if you’re not going to buy one, just wait for it to come out becuase these will be even lower in price.

Tricky Woot!, tricky. :wink:


Just in case you missed about every single one of these on the Woot-Off.


Note that we’re all assuming the Apple connector will change to something other than the current configuration AND that there will be no adapter available. Well, I’m certainly assuming that, so I will pass.


Everything I’ve read says it will be changing, but there probably will be an adapter of some sort. whether it will work with these, I can’t say.


Hey Woot!, XtremeMac is undercutting your prices for non-refurbished units…



Ironically, maybe, since they’re on SPECIAL, is that the iphone 5 will have a different connection to its charger and other docking instruments.


Way to sell it, WootBot!


I think I’ll wait to buy a dock until the new istuff comes out and all the current docks are obsolete


Mine Shipped with a Motorola Micro USB power adapter that wouldn’t power
this unit without soldering.

The unit requires a round plug to power it and the Moto Power adapter is square. What [filter] thought this would even come close to working.

Thanks Mystery Refurb [filter] that couldnt be bothered to even APPEAR to do your job!


Sorry for the problems with your [filter] clock. Make sure to email service@woot.com so they can make it right.