XtremeMac InCharge Duo Charger for iPhone & iPod

Amazon listing: http://www.amazon.com/Imation-IPD-ICD-10-XtremeMac-InCharge-Duo/dp/B002HHM976

Good deal!

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Can anyone verify iPhone 4 compatibility? It lists iPhone 4 in the Woot description, but on the manufacturer website, it doesn’t specifically call out any specific iPhone models. When you sort by device, the dock only shows up under iPhone 3G(S) and isn’t listed under iPhone 4.

Also wondering if anyone knows whether extra inserts can be purchased separately. Ideally, it would be nice to have an extra iPhone insert to charge two simultaneously.

In for one. This is a great deal, will be good for night stand charging.

FYI this will charge two iPhones but will not sync two iPhones. You’ll need to swap the devices to sync.

Does this iPhone/iPod charger charge the new iPod Nano 6th Generation ???

Thanks in advance.

Anyone know if you can charge both an iPhone 4 & 3GS at the same time on this dock? Does it have inserts for both or just a generic iPhone-sized insert (and if so are there two)?

says in the description that it IS compatible with iPhone 4

Would you trust Woot’s description over that of the manufacturer?

While I don’t know that it’s the case here, we do frequently have folks willing to risk their lifeline and hardware to test. It is, definitely, best to collect as many sources as you can though.

In for one. Hope it charges my two iPhones, one 3G, one 3GS. Don’t fail me Woot.

This sounds intriguing to a geek like me, who is often impatient waiting for his iPod to charge:

“Charges iPhone and iPod twice as fast as charging through a computer”

But I know that many quick chargers also cause decreased battery life. Doe anyone know if this does?

I presume the output of the power supply is 5v 2A. Does anyone know definitively? I want to use this in a 220v country. Why does anyone still make 100-120v instead of 100-240v adapters anymore, anyway?

None of the inserts in the pictures on the Woot listing seem to be correct for iPhone 4. Unless it comes with inserts not shown (unlikely) this is not compatible with iPhone 4.

I have this, and use it to charge both iPhone 4G and 3Gs. It works just dandy, and I use it without any adapters and inserts; the phones balance nicely in the vertical position.

I’m seriously thinking about jumping in for another, just so I have a spare.

this is a longshot but will this charger work with the Otterbox Defender case?

Will this work if I leave my iPhone 3G or 3GS in its case? I would hate to have to take it out every night to charge…

Does anyone know if a 3GS will dock on this with ANY case installed? I have a slim case on my phone and wondered if this will work.