XtremeMac InCharge Duo Charger for iPhone & iPod

Why would I have an Ipod AND an iPhone? Seems like overkill, but that may just be me.

i dont like to carry my phone around with me at the gym, and i had the ipod before the iphone. this is a good deal, i am thinking about getting one for the mr and i

um… my wife and I both have iPhones.

This would be fantastic for an upcoming roadtrip for the iphones of my friend and i, but my phone requires an otterbox to survive and that doesn’t look to provide enough room for my special needs phone.

If these had the nice little feature of audio out, I’d be in for one for sure

According to the 1-star spew-of-hatred review on Amazon.com, this only syncs one unit. Charges two but only syncs one at a time.

So… can you charge 2 iPhone 4s at once? It mentions being compatible, but is it compatible enough for both?

will this also charge the itouch?

I’m going to bring anyone interested in having the best app for their iPhone 4 off subject VLC media player is in the app store for a short time plays any video file off your computer any format and is easy to use . It is free in the app store until it is yanked off, best app I have downloaded


Update: I’m sorry may have misunderstood your comment. I was asking why someone would have an iPod AND an iPhone. One person, not two. My question was based off the picture. I wasn’t saying that there was no reason to have this. If you and your wife both have iPhones then this is the product for you. I was asking why because some people said they have both.

Does this work with iphones that have cases?

Yes - see the item page.

My wife has both an iPhone and an iPod nano. She uses one for running and one for the rest of the day. The iPhone is a little large for exercise. (Also she had the iPod first.)

People use them for workouts and it’s easier to hit the buttons on an ipod nano then trying to use the touchscreen. Also the battery life on a non touch device is better then the iphone.

Nope. But I haven’t seen one that does. There’s no way to take into consideration the difference in shape and thickness of every case made. Your best option in that case is the sync cable.

That’s one thing that always struck me as funny about the iPhone and iPod touch. Everyone always comments on how sleek and beautiful they are, but 95% of owners need a case to protect it during daily use (and I’m one of them). Another thing is that I wish they would make the flipping thing a little thicker to accommodate a larger battery. I miss the days when a phone could last a few days off a charge. Being too thin makes it less comfortable to hold as well, in my opinion.

From apple’s website, this comes with (1) 3G iphone insert, (1) 2G iphone insert, (1) nano insert and (1) classic insert. It appears that the classic one will also work for the iphone 4, or it can go without an insert.

As far as having a case (some other people asked this), the “no insert” is the only option, unless it is a smaller case, in which the classic insert will most likely fit.

The power requirements give 1A to each port, for a total of 2A for the entire device. This means that whether you have one device or two connected, it still will be “twice as fast as connecting to a computer.” Note that it reverts to 0.5A when using USB mode, meaning that if you are syncing it will take the full time to charge as if it is plugged into the computer.

Can you tell me if the power supply really says 100-120v, or does it go 100-240v? The reviews I’ve seen show it coming with international power adapters, which would imply it runs higher voltage than Woot’s description states…

Can someone confirm that it comes with international power adapters?

This is an answer I’ve needed for months. Now that we have an iPad and 3 iPod Touchs in the family we run out of charging space in a hurry.

This will go in a central location for easy access and hopefully always charged devices.

thanks woot!

I’ve got speakers that don’t work with the cases, but I just leave the insert out and have plenty of space.