XtremeMac InCharge Duo Charger for iPhone & iPod



Ugh - just bought another dock for my iPhone; otherwise I could have used this!

if all this is just leading up to an ipad… im gonna cry… lol

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Not a bad deal, if I had or cared about either…

Product: 1 XtremeMac InCharge Duo Charger for iPod/iPhone

Condition: New

Price: $9.99 $5 shipping

I bought one of these on a previous woot. It is a very handy charger.

Highly recommended from me.


But…will it work with my Android?

Excellent! Another device to support other devices I don’t own. In for … zero.

will this work with Windows&?



picked one up last time works great.

Isn’t an iPhone an iTouch + Phone?

Huge waste of money. Manos: hands of fate.

It’s a duo charger but it’s a single syncer.

/Single syncer. Single syncer. This thing is a real stynker

Does this come in a bag? It may be the crap we were waiting for.

Woot…stop all the apple garbage!

Wait… if you have an iPhone, why would you need to still have an iPod?