XtremeMac InCharge Travel Kit for iPod/iPhone

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XtremeMac InCharge Travel Kit for iPod/iPhone
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 XtremeMac IPD-ICT-10 Travel Charging Kit for iPod/iPhone

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I did have one of these, one of the most useless pieces of junk I ever bought.

does this charge the ipad?

What countries are the different adaptors good for? Because I’m headed to England next month…

Anyone know if this will work with iPad?

Next cheapest on Froogle is $20 (PowerMax.com, $12+$8 shipping).

Looks like a good deal if you need one.

Amazon link

I have the car charger/dock cable of this combo and would declare them competent and decent enough at this price.

One note of caution would be that the cigarette adapter doesn’t work well, or at all, in older cigarette lighter plugs being a touch too skinny. Also the adapter gives off a bright blue led glow that, on angle, is too bright. So your power point needs to be brought into consideration.

For those of you who still care (and no, I wasn’t expecting a bag tonight):

Amazon-1 review 2 stars, $29.99:

Edit: to moderator,
Technically, cyberbrain got to the link first–it just wasn’t up when I first typed this.

Because it was missing a part the buyer was expecting, not a knock on the product itself. Did you actually READ the review?

Very Interesting woot! I hope I can stay up to figure out what’s going on!

Doesn’t missing a part count as a concern? It has with other reviews for woot products sold here.

Your logic doesn’t add up, Woot… How can we use this if we’re OUTSIDE waiting in line? And who will be waiting in line still by the time this ships?!

i admit i have 2 ipod/phones and a zune

every 3rd party zune charger (that wasnt stolen from me) has worked great

every Apple 3rd party charger ive bought was shit…the one im using now, the USB cable works fine but the USB plug/charger head/outlet is garbage
so essentially i have to plug my Mac products into a computer just to get it to charge

what tells me this wont be the same experience?
go 3 for 3 on crappy Apple product chargers or wait to see if anyone else has actually used one of these personally


Looks like we might have to work together on this one to figure it out. Either that or everyone at woot is laughing their asses off because we think there is more to this than there really is.

I find the wording odd for the comments/front page quality posts. X has whatever, X got whatever, X has whatever, without punctuation or anything, it’s like a code or something.

They changed it though, perhaps someones kid got in as they usually use (slightly) better English than that.

Edited to post that they changed it. hrm.

Well, even if there is something hidden, there really isn’t a good way to collaborate on here because posts are getting deleted like crazy.

wow…I just thought my comp was fritzing so I asked…thought maybe if others were having the same problem, then I didn’t need a worry about it.

Ok, brainstorm time. Start by clicking every possible coordinate on the page. You start at the top, I’ll start at the bottom. When we meet in the middle, our newly ordered i-charging things will have arrived via smartpost.