XtremeMac InCharge Travel Kit for iPod/iPhone

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XtremeMac InCharge Travel Kit for iPod/iPhone
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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woot’s making it difficult to buy anything… what gives?

talk about moving fast by only having 10 or less of an item . . . the last ear buds, they had 4. That’s nuts.


This was the blackfriday “deal”, and I bought one. I think it was like $19.99 or thereabouts.

This one worked fine for me, but I couldn’t get the HDMI cables a couple minutes ago. There were only 19 of those though, so I figured that was why.

sorry, duplicate post.

This is awesome. Considering how fast an iPhone battery drains, it’s nice not to have to break out my laptop to recharge. Especially after a 15 hour flight to Asia…

First off, it takes forever for new items to come up, which is odd.

Second, as long as I have my laptop (Thinkpads FTW), can’t I just plug in my laptop and charge my music player? I flew on Korean Airlines, and some of their planes actually had USB chargers built into the seat pocket (seriously).

I never buy anything that has “extreme” in the title especially if it’s spelled wrong… Just saying.

its the 5.99 hour

But it won’t charge your iPad, because that requires 10V, which you can only buy from Apple and only comes with a US plug. SIGH

I meant to say I bought one then, not now. :frowning:

The items are selling out so fast, they don’t have time to get the next item to the table for ‘show’… :smiley:

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