XtremeMac InCharge Travel Kit for iPod/iPhone

look, iJunk! Buy it!

More chargers please. A zune one next lol

No flash, NO MAC!

this might be useful if you own an iPod or iPhone…

Does it work with a BigMac?

This is getting really dull…

Iphone this, ipod that…lets get a Droid bundle in here!

WTF, wasn’t this just on here?

wow, that is overkill for me… looks like it covers a lot of different countries though…

At least it won’t last long

Okay, so this won’t work for an iPad? Gah. Enough iCrap already.

Does anyone know if this is strong enough to charge the iPad? My other iPhone charger wont.

i cant believe i didnt get first on that one. I was looking to buy this exact thing i figured it was coming up.

Got one of these kits in my last BOC, works well with ipad (1A charger). In for two - gifting one and keeping the other as a backup.

Am I officially the LAST person on the planet that has an iPod? I mean, I have SEVERAL MP3 players, but none of them is an iPod… someone actually bought me one, and I returned it - I don’t like someone telling me what format my music has to be in!

the international charger I’ve been looking for for my backpacking trip…that’s in 11 days.

Chances it gets here in time? None.

Why is it always iPod chargers? Why not a micro USB charger so I can use it with the other 50 devices I own?

bought this for the bf last time… ummmm where r we gonna go that uses the other adapters? mexico is same as here… didn’t need it… and england, etc… well AT&T has rediculous rates outside of US… no thanks!

Here’s a real time saver for some of you:

  1. Copy your comments from the “Maximo IM-390 Imetal Isolation Earphones with Travel Kit”

  2. Paste in this blog.

  3. Delete all earbud references

  4. Replace “Sansa” with “ipod”

Voila! A guaranteed quality post every time!