XtremeMac Luna Alarm Clock w/ Dock



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XtremeMac Luna Alarm Clock w/ Dock
$19.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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For the love of bacon.


Just bought one of these a few weeks ago?


Srsly? Another Ipod/phone dock?


The one I bought here earlier this month was DOA and they told me they had no more so I got a refund. Not sure I want to risk this one again.


More iPhone stuff, but where is the iPhone?


Less docks, more bacon. kthx?


Yay! It’s another iWhatever speaker, but this time an alarm clock has thoughtfully been included so you don’t oversleep the next iSpeaker Off!


woot’s just trollin’ now.




What about a Sansa dock!?


I can’t say I’m too motivated to buy one of these, but just out of curiosity, does it also play music through the dock? Or does it just do the alarm thing?


Quick, get all iDocks with this connector out the door before the next-gen iProducts come out with much smaller iConnectors that won’t be compatible. Mwhahaha.

Some of you’ll be sorry on Sept. 12/21.


Bacon and i-Docks. It is so clear to me now. Inseparable! What a winning combination!


Does this thing charge the phone too?


Will it work with Xtremewindows?


OMG…yet another Apple product!!


woot has no love for android users