XtremeMac Luna SST Dual Alarm Clock

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XtremeMac Luna SST Dual Alarm Clock
$44.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Oh look another ipo… TREASURE!!

Damn all these I Docks.

Clicked on Treasure and nothing happened?

Ahhh… Finally!!! Thank you!

Just bought 3! You should, too.

Got my 2nd map piece!!! Whoopee!

Yeah - me too. Clicked on treasure and NOTHING. I hate stuff like this when it doesn’t work…ARR!

My guess is not iPhone 5 compatible without the separately purchased adaptor, eh?

This will go rather sluggish since everyone is waiting for the upcoming iPhone 5 with it’s different connector. …yay iFail

I do NOT get it. What ought I to click upon? Yar!

harrr there me be one step closerr to me treasurrr

what is supposed to work ? you are supposed to build a map out of the pieces? why would clicking do anything ?

Click on the description, the map piece is in the item photos.

Right click->Save as then put it together in paint/photoshop/powerpoint.


Go to the product page, one of the images is the map piece.

ahh, woot old friend. Just thought I’d let you know that I see right through this “pirate” theme. Since you now be robbing me for the state of kommiefornia, I just spent me booty at your competitor, who isn’t shilling for the man.

Since you’ve decided to bury the treasured bags, I need to thank you for the freedom of slaving over the woot-offs. Enjoy yer sevitude to the guvment, tis only fitting for the scurvy dogs who’ve killed the independent spirit we all used to know as “woot”.


Your box lies or you lie.

Can I get confirmation that this is the 2nd piece? Mwaaah!