XtremeMac Luna SST Dual Alarm Clock

Amazon reviews don’t look so hot.


previous woots: $36.99 tonight
$49.99 when initially sold

then $44.99

2nd, price new similar elsewhere and variable reviews, including Amazon mentioned above:

4.25 stars, 8 reviews, $39.99 new

Best buy doesn’t sell it anymore,
3.7 stars 17 reviews, one said it didn’t support Ipod Touch 4th generation (no way for me to tell for sure)

and I’m not going to go into the “is a refurb that’s checked out better than new” argument discussed elsewhere. Your call.

My question is do you get that awful feedback every time your phone updates over the wi-fi that I get on my current iPhone clock (an old one). I hate that and want one that doesn’t do it.

will this work with my new Iphone 5 and is it also a charger

only if your iphone 5 has a 30-pin…
so no.

Most of the iHome brands of similar items have glaring bright white text (which can only be turned down so much (or completely off, then I can’t see it at night)) The red text of this one seems like a good idea to me.

Cheaper to buy directly from Amazon?

Most of the i-Home brands don’t really sound very good either, at any price.
Logitech is always a better choice for price vs sound quality.

I don’t own this clock, but I give it points for using red LEDs for the display. I have an iHome and the white is just too much to sleep next to. I had to tape a piece of rubylith (points to you if you know what this is) over it just to catch some zzz’s.

Why is everything Apple based? Does Android just not exist in the real world??? Lame!!!

Uhhhh… XtremeMAC.Get it?

How about somethings for NON Apple phones!
Maybe I don’t want an iPhone but would like an alarm clock.

Fracturing of the Android OS.

As each manufacture puts it’s own little tweaks on the OS to make it work with their device/hardware, it makes it harder and harder for 3rd party vendors to make items/software.

Also, A lot of Android phones dont have that nifty little dock on the bottom, they have the mini-USB on the side.

So yeah, they can make an alarm clock for Android, but you’d have to hand it from a hook on the bed stand.

Silly people, Android prides itself having the finest blue tooth connectivity for music. Why dock it when it will just play using bluetooth. All Non i-Things need to incorporate bluetooth in their “docks”.

To charge your phone?

Its cheaper, even with shipping, via Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/XtremeMac-Alarm-Detachable-Speaker-iPhone/dp/B0043M66XG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352600648&sr=8-1&keywords=XtremeMac+Luna+SST+Dual+Alarm+Clock