XtremeMac Luna SST Dual Alarm Clock

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XtremeMac Luna SST Dual Alarm Clock
$33.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Cleaning out your inventory of old 30 pin merch?

Anyone know if this will work with an old iPod classic?

Odd looking sub-woofer…

I’m new to Woot, and I’m not entirely sure what “Refurbished” means. Is it the same as “Used” and it’s a coin-flip if it’s like new, or it’s had work done on it, or what?

Refurbished means for what ever reason it was returned to the manufacturer. In most cases they will go over the item and fix whatever may be wrong. Package it back up and send it on to its next loving home.

Warrantees are usually limited on these items. that being said I’ve bought quite a few refurbs from Woot and have yet to experience a problem. Your mileage may vary.

Refurbished is a crap shoot. Sometimes you may get an item that appears brand new and other times the item will show obvious signs of use. If an item is manufacturer refurbished the odds are you’ll get one in like new condition but limited warranty.

It works with iPhone, honest… with real life iPhones! For Real.

Bummer that they don’t specifically call out “This is a 30-pin connector” and “will only work with 4s and older” or some such thing.
I’m sure some poor sap will get this as a gift for Christmas and not be able to use it.

Any 30 pin Apple product should be compatible.

Whats the return policy on all these sale items today?

The iXteme Mac IIe GT SER SST PGP IPU-LSS-11 Doubly Loony Alarm.

What a f*cking name…

For $5 more you can get it NEW on Amazon. Unless you already purchased something else and don’t have to pay the $5 woot shipping fee.
What is this “$5 All You Can Ship” thing about?
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Click on FAQ. No returns unless damaged or defective.