XtremeMac Portable Battery Pack for iPods

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XtremeMac Portable Battery Pack for iPods
$12.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 XtremeMac IPD-MCP-00 Portable Battery Pack for iPods

good one for the weekend… i bet someone could use this as a nice v-day gift as well… someone’s gotta love this thing… comparison shopping links are there… woot wins though.

Ahhh… but can you bring it on an airplane?

D: too bad for my zune

ipod… grrr! GO ZUNE!

ah great, yet again another ipod only accessory
its not all about iPods!!!


How heavy are these things?

Its about the same weight as an Ipod.

seriously, the ipod battery is plenty fine… this is just something else to make apple money.

Will this work with the iPhone? Im guessing so? Its not listed…

Wonder how much lithium is in it

New TSA restrictions:

So this is basically an external dock with built-in battery ? How long does it take to charge?

this isn’t even an apple product!

So if it’s rechargeable but only comes with the pack and manual How Do You Charge IT???

Look I feel really dumb asking this, but will it work with my IPOD and PC (I do have a firewire card installed) or is this just for Mac owners?

Call it a battery pack and you’re gonna get tazed. Call it an accessory and you’ll be fine.

If this worked with an iPod Touch, I might consider it…

Can it work for iPod Touch?