XtremePro 4K Ultra HD Sports Camera Bundle

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XtremePro 4K Ultra HD Sports Camera Bundle
Price: $69.99
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They’ve had the a good bit. Anyone bought it?

So this does inude the goprocamera also right?

This bundle includes a 4K camera, but it is not a “GoPro” brand camera. This is a knockoff version called XtremePro. The accessories are also specific to the XtremePro in case you were thinking of replacing the camera.

Is this a “fish-eye” lense?

Purchased one of these last year that was offered around the same time, charged camera overnight, problem was it didn’t hold a charge long enough to use.

Sent it back, item sold out and I was given a full refund.

Look at Amazon Reviews & Stats

why do we have to buy the protection plan separate from our purchase?

“fisheye” is a non-specific term, but this camera has a 170 degree viewing angle. Which means yes, it will have a very pronounced barrel distortion (straight lines will look curved).

I bought a similar gopro knockoff from woot last year to record 1080p @ 60fps.

It records at 60fps by recording 30fps and duplicating each frame. So you don’t get true 60fps of movement. It’s still 30 frames of movement per second but recorded on 60 frames each second.

Any idea if this one does the same 60fps cheat?

Anyone know how waterproof it’s “waterproof” housing is? Can I take it snorkeling? Scuba diving? Mudrunning?

Unfortunately the reviews are coming in as duplicates and fake on my side. Anyone else notice that? Start at 2016 and then go to 2017. The same reviews over and over.

the mothership has eken gopro knockoffs that

  • have more and better reviews
  • are five bucks cheaper after factoring in s&h
  • have depth specs on their waterproof housing
  • come with mothership’s return policy

Purchased one - where do I get a user manual. the book they sent with it is a piece of Crap!!

Considering that these are new, that’s probably the only manual available. :\