XtremePro 4K Ultra HD Sports Camera Bundle

When you click on the Amazon Reviews link on the left of the listing, you get what appear to be fake reviews, because you will not find the “XtremePro 4K Ultra HD” on Amazon. This looks similar to (or is exactly the same as) the Akaso EK7000, which gets better reviews than the possibly fake ones here. For what it’s worth.

And if you search “DaRealBossman Amazon Review” you’ll come up with the same fake review page and stats for a few different names but similar design to this one, including “ASX ActionPro Black”.

I found something but by googling, not searching inside amazon

I bought one of these a couple weeks ago. It’s not the most horrid thing, quality is pretty decent visually speaking.

As far as I can tell though this is basically just a rebranding shell, ie; someone makes the base hardware device and then just slaps a bunch of other “brand names” onto it for resell. I haven’t really dug into the hardware to try and guess who makes it mainly, but it does seem okay for the sell-price (maybe not the MSRP though).

Most of the plastic mounting stuff is pretty durable feeling, but they’re also kinda stiff, sometimes the pieces won’t really interlock well without some shoving and pressing from what seem like slightly mis-sized plastic interlocking parts.

Is this the same one that is on amazon for 59.99

Is this the same thing as https://www.amazon.com/Xtreme-Waterproof-Wide-Angle-Rechargeable-Accessories/dp/B075331ZGY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1508873650&sr=8-1&keywords=xtreme+pro+4k+camera#Ask

Does anyone know how to change the WiFi password?