XtremePro 4K Ultra HD Sports Camera Bundle

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XtremePro 4K Ultra HD Sports Camera Bundle
Price: $59.99
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Condition: New


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horrible I bought the same one once and I returned picture quality is not even hd.

There are an awful lot of clones of this on the amazon mothership site. (same internals, different brand.)

As a general rule, factories that engage in the practice of buying off-the-shelf parts and banging them out fast and cheap, they generally don’t have a big quality assurance department. Most rely on the business strategy of hoping that the passable units outnumber the duds.

Is it possible you had the settings off? A 4K recording is a 4K recording. Same for 1080p. PIcture quality will be whatever you set it at.

Does anyone know if this will do time-lapse recordings? (Still images taken 5-10 seconds apart.)
Even if the video quality is junk, it should be a decent still image device. I’d like something like this to document some outside work I’m doing.

it does 4k at 10 fps… How is that 4k video?

They are Ok but, suffer from Jelly.

Only nice thing about is that the wrist straps works pretty well to start and stop (Can stop/start Multiple Cameras from push).
XDV app is better then some other sports cam apps.

Is it worth 60$, Not really.
You can find cheaper ones on all over the place.

I own 2 (Hoping to mount for 3D on Drone) and would say save your Cash or get a cheaper sports Cam.

Where can I get:

  1. User Manual
  2. App to view the video remotely on my phone

(There is a QR code on the box but leads to an off-google-store chinese app. I’m not willing to trust it.)

From the vendor:

The user manual is included in the box. Unfortunately there is no alternate app available with this product. The app is specifically built to be used with this product.

WOOT shouldn’t be selling this item! I just opened the box and was missing several things (battery, charger, head band, clips), so I called WOOT. They are all sold out so they can’t send me a new one. I asked them to give me the manufacturers contact info (website & phone number) and they don’t have it. I’ve checked everywhere online to find this info. If anyone has it please respond!!

Hi there. We checked with the vendor:

“These items are located in the box under the camera. We’ve had this issue before where people think it’s just the camera in the top half. They need to check below in the actual sealed box to retrieve all these items.”

Could you look at the box again, please.

Howdy, got mine yesterday so looking forward to taking it out in the Jeep. One note: it doesn’t come with a carrying case. I checked it out on Amazon before I bought it and watched the video of the unboxing and there was a case there. It’s not Woot’s fault for my expectations as Woot didn’t say there was a case. Just be aware that you’re not getting the case you see on Amazon.

Also, it seems, if the camera won’t work without a micro sd card, it would have come with one. If it did, I can’t find it.

I thought this was supposed to include TWO batteries.

Where can I buy a spare battery?

I cannot get my computer to read the micro sd card that gets formatted by the camera. I just want to be able to ask the vendor some questions. Where do we go for support for this camera?

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help and assist in finding this info for you.