XtremePro Full HD Waterproof Sports Camera Bundle

XtremePro Full HD Waterproof Sports Camera Bundle

This is a really good deal. I usually recommend people buy these at $50 if they want a cheap, durable action cam (there’s like 30 brands that are the same camera, this is one of them). This is definitely the first time I’ve seen one priced this low. It’s like an old school woot deal.

Shipped “new” with a waterproof case that was heavily scratched on the lens viewport section, rendering it unable to clearly shoot video inside of the waterproof case. Every accessory attaches to said case, not the camera itself. Looked like one of the screws holding the lens viewport on was stripped, too.

Additionally, the camera itself failed to recognize both SD cards that I tried with it, 1 of which was brand new and the other works in other devices.

QC failed twice on the one shipped to me. Either that, or they packaged the defective components together in hopes of reducing return rates.

I’m very sorry for the condition. It definitely should have been new.

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