Xyron 9" Creative Station

Xyron 9" Creative Station
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $9 Two-Day or *$12 One-Day
Condition: Unknown

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**Item: **Xyron 9" Creative Station
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New
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4.5 Star Reviews

This is a laminator.

If you’re like me, I just saved you 10 minutes. :slight_smile:

Time to check out the product page


It’s also an adhesive applicator.

And a dessert topping!

It’s a floor wax, you cow!

HEARTY LAUGH Hey, you two! It’s both!

I was excited for a second, thinking this could save me money by making my own labels for my homebrew bottles.

After further examination, I see the only type of stickers it can make would be paper with adhesive that wouldn’t withstand washing.


It all leads here.

The laminating refill is $30 for 40’…so $0.75 to laminate one piece of paper.

This sounds on par with most other laminating methods. Maybe a little easier.

Pretty sure Fogell / McLovin used this to make his Hawaii ID

“McLovin? What kind of a stupid name is that, Fogell? What, are you trying to be an Irish R&B singer?”

Do many beer bottle labels survive washing? Most I am used to cannot even survive condensation from a cold beer.