Xyron MegaRunner & Cartridge–2 Pk

2 for… Sunday?!?

Here’s a link Amazon which offers a video & a couple of reviews. 5 out of 5 stars


Should I be alarmed that I’ve read the description, slowly (even), and I have no idea what on earth this is?

?!? What is this exactly? Is it double sided tape? What is the use for this product?

Scrapbooking! :slight_smile:

So it’s…a tape dispenser?

You are not alone. I am also perplexed at this items intended use.

Great time saver when doing arts and crafts. If you plan on using this a lot, you may as well get more than one two pack, as it will save you money when you go to buy refills.

OK, call me slow, but what is this thing? A tape dispenser? I take it uses special tape? What would I use said special tape to do, instead of the cheap Scotch stuff I typically use from my standard dispenser?

Ditto. I needed to watch the video on Amazon to be clued in to what it was.

lol. so i wasn’t the only one tryin’ to figure out what the frak this was.
thank you sweetpea113377 (^^up above there^^) for making it a bit clearer.

For some reason, I really want to want this. But I can’t think of anything to do with it. I will be reading through the comments to come to see if anyone posts a creative use to at least marginally justify the buy…

Good Deal! The refills themselves are $15 each!

Xyron Page

I had hoped I could use this for gift wrapping, but the video makes me think that it wouldn’t work that well for that purpose.

Next item please.

It’s a scrapbooking tool, it dispenses adhesive.

It’s used for scrap booking. It isn’t exactly tape. It’s a sheet of paper about the size of tape with tiny little sticky dots on it. You slide the end across (think like a tiny packing tape dispenser)and the paper deposits the tiny sticky dots onto what you would like to tape or make sticky. Then you can stick it to something. The dots are acid free so this is great for photos you don’t want ruined like when you are doing scrap booking or other paper crafts. I have something similar, same really just a different brand and besides using it for paper crafts I have also used it to put labels on all my jars of dry goods (various flours, grains, etc) in my cupboards.

hsn folks seem to like it (video here, too)…

well I’m glad some of you more clever wooters said it’s a tape dispenser…I thought it was a fancy contact lens cleaning gadget!