Xyron MegaRunner & Cartridge–2 Pk

Great explanation leaves me with nothing to add.

Looks like a great product, unfortunately I have no use for it.

If it’s been on HSN it has to be good… right?

The idea that woot is possibly selling HSN rejects scares me.

these are great at christmas time for getting that professional look to all your gifts (no tape shown).

a similar product is sold at hobby lobby for $3, but its only 25ft of product, refills are also $3 for 25ft of product.

This is pretty awesome. Does it have other uses besides scrapbooking? I’d like to be able to stick things to my door and walls without removing paint or leaving thumbtack holes.

I thought they were for fixing runs in hosiery.


And it seems to have pretty bad reviews…

Anyone ever used this brand?
I wonder if it might stick better than the hobby brand? Wonder if you can re-position if you get it in the wrong spot. Wonder if you could use it to mount a picture in a picture frame? Is it as strong as hot glue or more like a glue stick?

all depends on the use.

for gift wrapping, it would work fine. one review was about long term, a present doesn’t stay wrapped for 3+ months, the other was about the strength, and again, wrapping paper isn’t that heavy/dense.

if you want a long term solution, the permanent glue refill has much better reviews.

remember, you can ALWAYS find bad or good reviews if you’re looking for them, but anything with less than 100 reviews isn’t worth counting the bad vs good as opposed to actually reading what the complaints were. In this case, person A doesn’t like the product because it wastes some, not necessarily because it didn’t work as was advertised; while person B loved the product because they didn’t have to replace the cartridge as much, not necessarily because it did work right.

if its like the hobby brand I’ve used, its more like glue stick than hot glue.

Thanks for the link.

wow woot, another incredible homewoot deal. in for 3 already! keep em coming!

I’m not seeing how this is any better than a (acid free) glue stick or spray mount, other than it’s all neat and pretty in a plastic “gun”. Maybe I’m missing something here.

Anyway, if Duct Tape can’t do it, it’s not worth doing! :wink:

If it moves, but shouldn’t: Duct Tape!
If it doesn’t move, but should: WD-40!
The solution to 99% of life’s problems

I get this vision in my mind of a “HUGE” warehouse filled with these things to the ceiling. And there are cobwebs and thick dust every where because no one is buying any.

Then I read all the posts here and relies WOOT owns the warehouse.

I’m pretty sure if the price was 10 for a dollar and free shipping no one would still be buying them.

I feel compelled to point out that the Hobby Lobby version linked above is a small hand-held version whereas today’s Woot offering is a larger gun-style. For those who aren’t adhesive aficionados, think Sig Sauer P238 pistol vs. Ruger 10/28 rifle. It also explains the difference in how much the dispenser cartridge (or magazine, if I’m carrying through the gun analogy) will hold.

FYI - I just popped my posting cherry. I’ve been wooting for over half a decade and have never joined the discussion board fray. Thanks for being gentle. :wink:

Does your 99% solution work for teenagers?

I’m wondering how permanent it is. I’m a teacher and can never get anything to stay up on my painted cinderblock walls…

Well, welcome to wordy world. I just hope you won’t wait another 6 years before posting.

Xyron is one of the best brand at sticky for scrapbook. This is a great buy. I use mine for bulletin boards, packages, posting signs, as well as scrapbook and card making. It’s wonderful.