Yachtsport Waterproof Bags Ala K3

Anyone have any information on these? I can’t find any reviews. Thanks!

How heavy are these bags? Can we get some specs please?

Thank you for the product inquiry. The Yachtsport Collection is a current in line product launched late summer @ the Outdoor Retailer Exhibit. This product is designated for our specialty channel, surf and resort only. Hence, the limited reviews on-line. We do have one authorized Amazon distributor Surf Outfitter if needed. Product specs and dims can be found @ as noted.

Thank You!

Considering that Alaska is probably the largest US consumer of dry bags, shipping to Alaska should be considered…

Thank you for the feedback. Can you please reach out to Reference email to rep Samantha- we will see how we can assist. Please include your contact information.


Quick question: the backpack [20L] says it’s Class 3 Rating. Does that mean, in a torrential storm, it will be able to keep water out (assuming I’m wearing this)? And will this be able to keep water out, assuming a bag simply falls into a pool/puddle less than 3 feet deep for under 5 seconds?


Yes, of course. The bag is manufactured with PVC/Tarpaulin and will actually float. Even if submersed, the internal compartment will be waterproof as long as you have utilized the roll-top closure system. Enjoy!

Wow, that’s amazingly perfect for my needs. Count me in for 1! I’m going to keep an eye out for your future sales. I’m eyeing that 80L Duffel bag for next time ヽ(´▽`)/

I got the yellow version(Backpack 20L) from a previous sale from a couple of weeks ago. I have been using this bag to commute on my motorcycle. Rainy season here in Costa Rica and the zipper on the outside is working great and everything is dry.