Yakima Doubledown Ace 4 Hitch Bike Rack

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Yakima Doubledown Ace 4 Hitch Bike Rack
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I have a previous generation of the Yakima Doubledown. Mine is a Doubledown 5 for up to 5 bikes. I like the rack overall. It is nice that it fairly easily adapts for 1.25" or 2" hitch receivers. I will say that even though mine is rated for 5 bikes, it is a very tight fit to get 4 bikes on the rack. I should note that our bikes are all mountain or trail bikes. Perhaps road bikes might load a little more compactly. It has been a good rack overall. There is a little wobble to the arms, but nothing to the point where I fear for damage to my bikes. These do use the typical Yakima rubber straps. If your brake or gear lines run over your top tube, you might want to consider putting some fabric between the lines and the frame to prevent scratching the finish on the frame.

I should also note that the manual with my rack says that it should not be tilted when loaded, meaning that you can’t open a rear hatch of many SUVs while your bikes are loaded. However, I have done this a few times in a pinch. If you try this, your bikes will swivel with gravity. It also becomes very heavy and awkward to lift it back into the locked position. You would probably want to recheck the straps to make sure they are tight on your bikes.

I also have the 5 bike version of this. It works well and is pleasantly over engineered. I only carry one long wheelbase recumbent on it most of the time but it works beautifully for that. The rubber straps are remarkably effective. The positive locking mechanism for the hitch receiver works a treat. The quick release for the various tilts is a godsend when you’re in a hurry, and I also have tilted it when fully loaded plenty of times. Mark you my frames are more scratch than paint at this point, if you’ve got something fancy that might not be a good plan.

Anyway, highly recommend and this seems like a good price from what I remember.

I’ve had the 4 bike version for several years now. Works great, except that I’ve never been able to put more then 3 bikes on. As was stated above, it’s probably due to the fact that we use mountain/trail bikes, not road bikes. It’s also very easy to take on/off, so when we are towing a boat for a weekend it’s all of 5 minutes to remove or replace it.

When I look this up on Amazon it says this will not fit my 2012 VW Jetta. :frowning: Is this just because I have to add my own hitch? (planning on that anyway)

While checking the Yakima website vehicle finder for compatibility the form breaks after I select VW in both IE and Chrome.

Anyone have experience with these on VW Jettas?

I can’t think of any reason it wouldn’t be compatible, provided you add a standard hitch to the Jetta. The hitch is the only place the rack makes contact with the car, so as long as the hitch is a standard size you should be good to go. My guess is they assume it’s not compatible because there’s no standard hitch on that car.

I went to Amazon to compare prices. I was all ready to purchase one when Amazon states that this will not fit my 1997 Ford Explorer. I have a 2" receiver installed. Does anyone know why it wouldn’t fit on my truck?

It might be the distance from where it connects in the hitch receiver to the vertical section elbow. It might be too short to clear your bumper.

Thanks for your reply. I will look into that.

I would imagine you could get an adapter/extension on your hitch to make this bike rack work.

I need to add a trailer hitch to my minivan, so I can get one of these bike racks. Any advice on the best place to get one installed? I assume it requires welding and hence not DIY for me. Uhaul? Thanks.

My first thought was the “clearance” point brought up by mckean26. But It is also possible it comes up as not compatible if the Jetta does not come with a hitch as standard…for (not-so-bright) people that can’t figure out if their car has a hitch or not.

Try searching your town for a truck and trailer or RV shop. It they sell hitches, they usually install. I had a hitch added to my small car years ago that works great. I do, however, wish I’d have gone for the 2" rather then the 1.25". The 2" gives more options, but I didn’t think I needed it at the time.

Woot, please bring this back soon…it was over before the end of the day and I couldn’t snag one. :frowning:

Pretty please?

You are (maybe) in luck! There are some options over here right now.