Yakima HighLite 3 Bike Rack

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Yakima HighLite 3 Bike Rack
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Just FYI, this rack will NOT fit a Class I hitch, even though it is 1-1/4". The depth of the accessory shank is too long because Class I hitch receivers have a stopper installed to prevent overloading. The pin holes will not line up. Great rack though if you have a class II/III hitch receiver.

Nice price drop and currently the cheapest of anywhere I could find. The mothership appears to be runner up, but still about $50 more.

I purchased the 5-bike rack here on Woot last spring, and I love the rack. It locks so someone can’t steal it. And the rubber ties are very tough. The only issue we have had with it is that it doesn’t hold 5 bikes. It probably would if they were all skinny mountain bikes, but we have three cruisers, with fat tires and wide handlebars and there isn’t room for a fifth bike. We removed the hangers for the fifth bike and there is plenty of room for the four. I would recommend that you buy the rack that carries one more bike than you are needing or you won’t have room for all of them.

good point, but Curt class 1 hitches do accept Yakima racks. Hidden Hitch etc. will not, but the Curt does not have the spur

also, they recommend a 2 bike limit. I love Yakima but that is why I stick with Thule and Saris as their racks work with class 1

Is this white or silver? There is a cheaper price ($180 + free shipping) at rakuten:


It is the white. Nice find - where were you 8 hours ago? You would have saved me about $50 (taxed through Woot, but not the Rakuten seller).

It looks like that Rakuten seller does have a stand-alone web store, and they also list the same rack for $175 + free ship.


Thanks for pointing out the price comps, y’all. We’re taking our price down to $174.99 to match other comps, once we’ve done that, we’ll refund the difference to anyone who bought it at $199.99 and email you guys as soon as we do.

That is great customer service! I really want one but according to etrailer’s online video review on Youtube, even if folded down at the 45 degree angle, it won’t let my 2011 Ford F-150 tailgate completely open to the flat position. This is a dealbreaker so I guess I’ll keep looking.

Wow, awesome service! Thanks!

Rakutan is now sold out… hmmm