Yakima Racks and Carriers

Today at Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE RACKS AND CARRIERS AND MOAR RACKS AND CARRIERS!!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

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Yakima Racks and Carriers
Price: $29.99 - 499.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Aug 06 to Thursday, Aug 07) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to learn all about the warranty and would you like to know about the Skybox? All the info you would want to know over on the product page

I bought a Yakima space case to use for snowboards, skis and stinky boots in 2001 that is still going strong. It has hit a few low over hangs in parking lots and shows some scuffs, but it is in good working order considering the 10’s of thousands of miles that it has given in service.
I can’t speak to the price, as I’ve not shopped for some time, but I can vouch for Yakima quality.

I always wanted my own photon torpedo to be buried in!

Reviews on Several Items at www.autoanything.com

Is that really -7% off. I am no mathematician but it seems like we might want to look around then again if I can’t get it on woot I probably don’t need it.

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Good luck getting what you ordered. On Fathers Day, Woot made the same offer and then instead of shipping us the Doubledown Ace 4 Bike hitch, they shipped all us the non locking, non Ace version. They took weeks to acknowledge our complaints, promised us they would get us the proper model, and then flat out broke those promises. Many of us that purchased the Yakima Racks have STILL not received our refunds after shipping back the product. Now Woot makes the same offer again, after stiffing over a hundred Dads on Fathers Day. No shame. No respect. No honor.

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Thank you for speaking up! They didn’t have quite the rack I wanted, but the price was good. I’ll keep shopping for the model I want.

Tempted to purchase the Skybox 21, but know that Yakima has a new product in the Skybox Carbonite 21 that has zero assembly. Does anyone know about the assembly on these Skyboxes?

Nice rack!

I am trying to figure out if one of the luggage bags or boxes will fit my family vehicle. My family has a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan with factory cross bars (the kind that store out of site until needed). The Yakima site says they have no boxes/bags to fit this set-up yet i see the bags can be used on a naked roof…so what is the deal? I know i could put something on my 2005 Magnum as i am using Yakima cross bars but why can’t i at least use the bag on my van?

I imagine its the quick clip set-up stoppnig me from using the boxes…but the bags?

Does anybody have any experience with this?

Two (of three) very poor reviews on the mothership for the soft cargo bags: http://www.amazon.com/Yakima-GetOut-Pro-Cargo-Bag/dp/B003CM2U6A


Well… getting to comments for “the daily woot” was really confusing. Considering that it took you to something totally different, I thought things were broken.

Buy with a good American Express card, their various guarantees (theft, damage, refund, etc.) ensure that you will always either get your item or get your money back.

Perfect for those long trips with your annoying kids! They fit right in there.

I give my 6 year old an iPad when he rides in the roof top box and now he actually complains when he has to ride inside the car!

Thanks for this info. I was going to pull the trigger on this but I’d rather not take any chances.

Are the GetOut and FarOut bags the 2014 models that the “–Yakima Product Manager” references on the mothership?

“Updates materials/construction/weather proofing for 2014.”