Yakima SkyBox Pro, 2 Colors/4 Sizes

Unless I’m missing something, these are cheaper and have free shipping on the mothership…

21’ - $40 Less on Amazon
18’ - $30 less
16’ - $20 less
12’ - $40 less

What a great ‘deal’.

I found same $40 less at REI with free ship to store. http://m.rei.com/product/784512/yakima-skybox-pro-21-roof-box?cm_mmc=cse_PLA_GOOG-_-7845120001&CAWELAID=120217890000881324&lsft=

What a deal woot

Woot has a history of really bad pricing on Yakima roof boxes. Every one I’ve looked at in the past year or so (even the refurb / blemished ones) has been a LOT cheaper at REI and Amazon for brand-spanking-new ones with reasonable warranty and return policies.

Don’t know what Woot’s issue is with roof boxes.

Woot what is going on with your prices on stuff lately?? You can find these decently cheaper brand new else where… Lately I’ve been finding most of my items cheaper on other outlets. Woot, not so much a good deal anymore!