Yakima Storage & Racks: Bikes, Boats and Baskets!

Why are there never ski racks in these deals? I check every time. :frowning:

Do I need to buy two of the Mako racks to carry one boat? The specs say 2 saddles, but is that a left and a right, or 2 sets of left and right? The specs list just one “heavy duty strap” and one Bow/Stern tie-down. Our current kayak rack system uses one “heavy duty strap” for each saddle (front and rear) and two tie downs, one for the front and one for the rear.


(1) Yakima 8004044 Mako Aero Rooftop Boat Rack System includes:
•(2) Saddles
•Heavy Duty Strap
•Bow/Stern Tie-Down

You’ll need two of them per boat or one of these and one hully roller (another Yak option that lets you slide the boat up a bit easier). So the straps will work out to one per set of saddles when you’ve got a full set.

That’s what this is talking about in the description “Please note: To complete the system, add HullyRollers or another pair of Mako Aero saddles.”

Thanks. That “to complete the system…” comment made me suspicious.