Yaktrax WinterTrax Traction Aid (Pair)

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Yaktrax WinterTrax Traction Aid (Pair)
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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whew Just in time for winter!

no one that wears boot like that is worried about traction. Oh wait. That’s ATTRACTION

On my steep driveway in the winter these things are great!

Got some of these last time, and since we fortunately had an unusually warm snow-free spring I haven’t used them yet. But they look like they’re going to be good.


only 20 - 35 of these so it should go quick.

Just in time for that vacation south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Good for about 10 seconds of traction before they are flattened completely. Possibly could work well for children though?

Do they come in toddler sizes? My kid needs a little extra traction running through the house :slight_smile:

Closer to 50-75.

So you’re saying that you wouldn’t walk up to some chick "sole"ly for the reason she was rockin these on her kicks?! SAY WHHAAATTT?!

surely there must be toddler sized golf shoes.

2 - 3 woots leaving it at 90% id say im closer

Bought these for our family vacation to Tahoe a couple of months ago. We live in south Louisiana and are not used to walking in snow (sneaux?) so these were great for us.

Just the purple left…not my color!

The springs crush on these when I’ve tried them (or maybe they were cheap knock-offs I had). Anywho, I like the ones that use heads of bolts (no, really!) as the traction ‘points’ fastened into the rubber.
From Minnesota, where we know an icy sidewalk.

Not overly happy with the purple being the only color left but at this price I won’t be picky.

good price on these - hate that they are only purple, but I got 3 anyway