Yamaha 5.1 Ch Receiver with 3D Blu-ray

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Yamaha 5.1 Ch Receiver with 3D Blu-ray
$279.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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One HDMI port? Eh. Pass.

Add to that no slow-motion option. But reviews do complement the stylish and sleekness of the unit.

Let me get this straight - one HDMI output, zero HDMI inputs, and zero component video inputs. So how exactly are you supposed to hook up your cable or satellite set-top box, which would be your most basic setup?

Is it just me or are there practically zero inputs?

Substance > Style. A Bugatti is hideous, but man does it pack some performance.

Sorry, I got nothin’!

Due to lack of inputs this is basically a home theater in the box without the speakers.

Zero HDMI inputs = hella whack son.

Yeah… not a single input for a cable box or anything else. If I was going to go through the trouble of setting up a 5.1 system, I would want to use it with other stuff. You can get even the most basic of receivers and blu-ray players for less than this and then you’d have multiple inputs!

I’m not comprehending why people are complaining about only 1 HDMI. If you connect your HDMI from other sources to your TV, the return channel should give you the audio to the receiver.

“1080p-compatible HDMI with Audio Return Channel means that you do not need an extra optical cable to hear the sound from the TV”

That means that when you connect your satellite/cable HDMI to the TV, the audio from the TV would go to the receiver. You do need a TV of course that supports the audio return as well. I picked up a similar yamaha BR model that came with speakers. Just set the TV to pipe the audio to the receiver.

For $280? Many TV’s don’t support ARC. Also if the DVD gives problems, you have to replace both components as you cannot attach an external DVD player. Makes more sense to buy them individually. This is not a deal.

Surely you comprehend the inability of the masses to accept a reality outside their own preconceived notions. Especially when it comes to electronis and a knowledge beyond just what is splashed in pretty colors on the outside of the retail box.
A more direct answer…people are morons. Yes, even Wooters!

Although it’s not a fancy 3-d blu ray, I just bought a Yamaha HTR-6130 from Goodwill 2 days ago for $8 :smiley: Found some 5 Sony speakers for $15 as well. Just need to find a big ole’ base! Plenty of HDMI’s too! Woo-hoo Yamaha!

I got a YAMAHA RX-V671 which is 7.1 reciever with lots of bells and whistles for $369. A much better unit for a$100 more. I am surprised Yamaha even makes a unit like this!

In the real world we would call this a Bluray player or an HITB, not a receiver, because in the real world a receiver receives things, like video signals.

Now, I have a real, actual, bonafide Yamaha receiver and I’ve been very happy with it, but this isn’t that.

I’m tech-stupid when it comes to this kind of thing. Does this have a TV tuner?

Can it tune in, say, an OTA signal?
Can I use it to tune in some of the cable TV signals?

Yes, I read the description, but I’m older than you and have a 3-year-old. I’m tired!

1 woot i hate you for just NOW posting a receiver from a decent company at a decent price

2 woot i hate you also for trying to push a product with only 1 hdmi connection being the hdmi out. Not all TV’s support ARC and most people would require HDMI inputs for their receiver, game consoles, HTPC/roku type player/(for the few an audio input for a radio/turntable)

Yer. I remember when I realized my folks’ hi-fi was inadequate to the ear bleeding demands of, say blue cheer’s Vincebus Eruptum; to say nothing of the then barely imagined insanity that would eventually find form in such disparate vessels as iggy, praxis, SRV, throbbing gristle, chrome, the many iterations of larks tongues in aspic, and (one just can’t have too much frippery), the brilliant anti solo that is both the molten caramelized center AND the cherry on top, of the deconstructed metal gem: happy with what you have to be happy with… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Sew, LSS, a-shopping I did go, and at one electronics emporium I was almost persuaded to part with my hard earned, for a machine that was practically the swiss army knife of stereos: made by Marantz, it boasted a two (or was it three?) speed turntable, a receiver with speakers, and the piece de resistance… wait for it… a built in 8-Track player/recorder! Yes!!! He shoots, he scores! All my entertainment needs in one handy package. How could I say no?

Like this: “no.”

O, and btw, couple weeks of good sense later, I got a technics SL-2000 turntable - the legend - maybe a month or two before it was dropped from the catalog, onaccountabecause it matched or outperformed all the high end stereophile stuff, including Technics own product line.

Still got it. Works like a charm, and my records sound great. So… don’t buy the misconceived product; don’t drink the new coke.