Yamaha 7.2 4K ATMOS Receiver Network AV Receiver

Yamaha 7.2 4K ATMOS Receiver Network AV Receiver

I bought this refurbished item in August and have had limited use of it since purchase. The other day it didn’t power up and instead clicked several times. Now it will not turn on and has to be warrantied by sending it to a repair facility. This will take several weeks to repair and will require shipping charges. Do not buy this product without understanding that you may be just throwing your money away. Buy a new one somewhere else and avoid the hassle.

Hate to say even buying new may not prevent that from happening. I bought a brand new Onkyo (not from woot) and within a couple months lost all sound from all channels. Ended up having to drive over an hour away to take it to a repair facility.

I was about to pull the trigger on this and then noticed that there is no sub-woofer channel. So, that’s a no from me.

You’re joking, right? There are 2 sub preouts.

Yes, but I believe hes referring to connections for a non powered sub. So you would connect the sub exactly like the other speakers, and the receiver would power the sub. (if it had that connection) I have an older system that works like this. It also has the connections for a powered sub the same as this one does, so you can use either. Unfortunately this seems to be the norm now a days on newer receivers. You have to use a powered Sub with them.

It’s the norm because it’s a lot more efficient to have a sub with a dedicated power source. Otherwise, the built-in amp in the receiver would have to be huge to give at least another 100 watts or so just to power the sub.

I used to have a sony surround sound system that came with a non-powered sub. It was only like a 6-8 inch sub and it didn’t sound very good.

I’ll tell you what sucks, though. Our house came with a really nice in-wall subwoofer for the upstairs living room…trouble was it is not a powered sub. I had to find a cheap mono subwoofer amp as a middleman between the receiver to power it. Wasn’t super easy to find a good price…