Yamaha 7.2 4K ATMOS Receiver Network AV Receiver

Yamaha 7.2 4K ATMOS Receiver Network AV Receiver

Cool, it’s 115w output for one channel or 80w for two channels.

This thing has 9 channels, what’s the ****ing output?

Looks like someone is hiding something…

Perhaps the specs page will help?


Is this thing any good? I just bought a nice 4K HDR tv only to discover my workhorse Denon AVR-1912 doesn’t do HDR or 4K. A cheap, good-enough solution would be fine at this point.

Any concerns with it being a refurb?

I own this receiver. I bought it last time Woot had it on sale. It’s a good receiver. I am not an audiophile, but it sounds good to me.

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It is a real good budget friendly atmos 4K HDR receiver, but I bought it from amzn as refurbished, and lasted for 3 months, gone after all, just left sadness behind. Had to back on Logitech sound system until I found something legit and budget friendly.

I bought this for $10 more awhile back for mostly the same reason. My “HD 3D passthrough” Samsung receiver that I bought at the same time as my previous Samsung 3D TV was not HDCP 2.2 compatible, so I was unable to stream any UHD content through the receiver. (via Roku nor Xbox One)
My experience with it has been good. I have a 7.1 setup where I’m using ceiling speakers for the Atmos channel. I have it setup to where I can turn it on and adjust the volume through my Echo device. It also automatically turns on with the TV via the HDMI ARC. My only frustration is that it toggles to the TV input source when the TV turns on and I have to change the input to be the Xbox One or Roku after it starts up. I could probably prevent that by disabling the AnyNet+ Samsung thing that handles the ARC, but then I couldn’t adjust the receiver volume by using the TV remote and other such convenience features. I only use the TV input when I watching OTA TV for sporting games and such. I have not yet had a need to use the Zone B stuff, so I can’t speak to that. I like that the settings menu and all will display on the TV screen, so I don’t have to look at the receiver’s LCD to see what setting you’re trying to change. It’s a pretty good deal for what you get. Sounds great. I am happy. I feel like it would be easier to configure if I had a different brand of TV. (Samsung seems to only like talking to it’s own brand)

Hi bsmith1,

I also bought this receiver but I can’t seem to figure out why I don’t have any sound when it’s connected to my LG smart TV. I’ve tried every suggestion I found online but no luck. It does produce sound when I toogle to the DVD player connected to it but nothing from the TV. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I’d appreciate any help you can provide.

Did you set your LG to send audio out the correct port?

Do you have an optical out running from the TV to the receiver? I’d imagine this is the only way to get sound from the tv, since there is no signal running to the receiver and then to the tv, as would be the traditional setup.

For those that bought this refurbished in the past, did it come with the YPAO audio calibration mic thingy?

Typically only one of a TV’s HDMI ports supports ARC (Audio Return Channel). Usually it’s labeled as “ARC”, but if not, check your user guide. Also some TVs allow ARC to be disabled, make sure that hasn’t happened.

I just wish this had HD Radio, like the older Yamaha receiver I own. More than half of the radio stations in my area have multiple streams via HD Radio.

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Hi there. It’s included and listed “in the box”.

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I’m using the HDMI port thst says ARC and I switch sound out up to that in the rv setting as well. I’ve tried all the sound output settings aside from the TV speakers but nothing has worked.

Not sure I have that. I’ll check the wires it came with but I’m using HDMI cable from TV HDMI ARC port.

Yes, that’s what I’m plugged into on my TV but still no sound. And I changed TV sound settings to this but no sound.

And yes, I did enable it.

To clarify about ATMOS, it should be called “ALMOST” because all the marketing is very misleading - they are trying hard to sell you something that really isn’t understood. 1) If this is 7.2, it is actually 5.2.2, as 2 of those original “7.2” outputs will be absorbed by the atmos speakers. 2) Many (most?) receivers have dual-zone, but if you engage Atmos-mode, you lose the ability to have other zones. 3) Movies and things you watch must be specifically encoded for ATMOS so don’t expect everything to play that way unless recorded in ATMOS! 4) Speaker placement matters… unless you plan on installing dedicated ceiling speakers, you are much better off not using ATMOS for 3-d sound. Speaking of which, think about it. Just how much of a movie is actually encoded for sound to be coming from above? (Answer = not much). So don’t buy ATMOS receivers just because they are ATMOS. You’re much better off going to TRUE 7.2 sound as that is much richer than 5.2 + ALMOST. I had to purchase a top-of-the-line, flagship Sony amp to get true 7.2.2 (that’s equivalent to 9.2) sound. but wow… totally worth it. This amp may not give you what you are expecting, just do your research!!!