Yamaha 7.2 ch 4K Atmos DTS Receiver

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Yamaha 7.2 ch 4K Atmos DTS Receiver
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I got one of these and am having issues getting HDR to work. Had HDR prior to going through the HDMI on the receiver. Not sure if an update or setting change is required but would like to know. Does do 4K@60fps though

Updating firmware now, strange process. Goes from s1-1 to s1-22 then s2-1 to s2-2 then s3-1 to s3-2 then s4-2, s5-1(long)

Each s#-# is a firmware version I would assume, goes from 1 to 100 percent then a verification phase. Some have an erasing phase behind them. It took at least 15 min to do on 200mbps Internet (wired). Then have to restart/cycle manually. After the update still unable to enable “HDR and advanced color” on a Windows 10 home PC running though it. Enabling the option then pressing apply flashes the screen and when picture comes back immediately the option is off, yet asks if I want to keep settings even though it undid them. Checking out options on the receiver now

Update 3, no option I can find to enable 10 bit per channel color. Can anyone suggest the best alternative to connecting 7.2 to this from the tv? Unsure if my tv has a optical out. Also, am a bit confused about the atmos support, I only see 8 channels on the back. Isn’t atmos a 9 speaker setup with one on top? Will look into some hdmi a/v splitter, but I can’t stand latency

Tv does have optical. Is that still the best/only option outside of hdmi for 7.2?

I had the same issue with my Yamaha receiver, and the problem came from an advanced setting called HDMI Mode. By default, the receiver uses Mode 2, which limits the video input/output to 4:2:0. Mode 1 allows up to 4:4:4. Putting your receiver into Mode 1 should fix your issue, and detailed instructions can be found on Yamaha’s site: http://faq.yamaha.com/us/en/article/audio-visual/av-receivers-amps/rx/rx-v781_u/11034/9324

Would this work for a multi-room receiver? I have my whole house wired and my current receiver is handling that setup.

I read this as your opinion of the firmware :slight_smile:

It states that this will stream internet radio stations, will it stream files stored on a computer to TV without another device, ie Roku, etc.

Can I use a graphic EQ with this receiver?

For information on this receiver recommend visiting avs.com. Look for the Audio forum and you will find a group of owners, some with great knowledge on how to set-up and resolve problems: Yamaha TSR-7810/RX-v781 Owner’s thread.

For the price this is a really good deal. Nice to see an actual decent savings from Woot! for a change.

That being said, this is not a replacement for $1,000 receivers. It’s about $120 off the new retail price (they have these at Costco for $480). As long as you understand what you’re buying, this is a really nice budget friendly receiver at a good price.

Hey! With regard to the HDR issue, some of these Yamaha receivers require you to change the “HDMI Mode” Check that out in the manual or this link!:


As far as Atmos, it is object-based surround sound that will work regardless of the number of speakers, but the more the merrier.

Optical is perfectly fine.

This receiver supports AirPlay for audio as well as Spotify connect, not through your TV though. If you want video, you’ll pretty much have to plug something in the back.

It appear to have zone 2 speaker outputs. So, it will drive two sets of stereo speakers. But the best part about it is Musiccast. You could use two of these to drive stereo speakers in 4 rooms and still have 5.1 surround sound in two of those. If you haven’t used Musiccast or Sonos, or Heos before, once you try them, you’ll see that older whole home audio systems don’t cut it anymore.

I have an Rx-a 1050 with Musiccast. As long as the Musiccast works, it can see a local media server like Plex or Twonky, or even Windows Media Player(it’s DLNA compliant).


Seriously, let’s see more home audio stuff besides sound bars. More receivers, speakers, ect.

I’ve always wondered this because I like graphic EQs. Audio purists will scoff at EQs, but I like making sound the way I enjoy it. Sometimes you need to compensate for the type of speakers or headphones you use for those of us that can’t afford $3000 reference speakers- in addition everyone’s hearing is slightly different also (both subjectively and anatomically). After some research I’ve determined this won’t work on modern AV receivers (assuming you want the whole Dolby thing to work), partly because they lack a tape loop, this was the best explanation I could find:

“The old receivers used to have Tape/Processor loops for connecting devices such as an EQ, NR unit or 3-head tape deck…
But these are not permitted by Dolby as they affect the level to the surround decoder and can corrupt it…
The only way to connect an EQ is between the AVR’s Pre-Outs (front L/R) and Main-Ins of an external amplifier…”


The problem on this receiver is the pre-out is 8-9 connections (7.1 with 2 subs) whereas you EQ is simply 2 channels. So if you just needed to EQ those 2 channels it might work, but it would only be in stereo.

I do miss the graphic EQs though, I hate the preset EQ settings, I rather adjust that on my own.

Specs are wonky. Why is it showing dates like 01-Apr for things like the number of inputs of various types?

Whoops. We’re fixing them.

dallyp is correct that you’ll need to change the HDMI Mode setting to HDMI Mode 1. Follow the FAQ that they linked and it should fix the problem.

The latest firmware is version 1.32 and supports passthrough of HDR, Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma so you should be fine.

If it still won’t pass HDR make sure you’re using a “certified premium” HDMI cable or similar 18 Gbps rated HDMI cable between the PC and the receiver. Also post the model of your TV so we can see if there are any settings there that can be done.

What 7.2 source are you using, are you referring to Netflix and other sources from a smart TV? Optical should be fine coming from your TV, but if you are referring to other sources like the PC or a Roku, etc. then HDMI is the best option for audio.

Dolby Atmos is best used with at least a 5.1.2 speaker layout (basic 5.1 speakers plus an additional 2 channels above you). This receiver will do 5.1.2 no problem.

Does the range of MusicCast depend solely on your wifi signal? Just trying to determine if I could get outside speakers working with this system. Thanks.