Yamaha 7.2 ch 4K Atmos DTS Receiver

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Yamaha 7.2 ch 4K Atmos DTS Receiver
Price: $369.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, May 25 to Wednesday, May 30) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Just gonna throw this out there…

Warranty Policies

Yamaha provides warranty coverage for new Yamaha products originally sold by Yamaha Authorized Dealers located in the United States. Yamaha products purchased from retailers other than Yamaha Authorized Dealers (whether via the Internet, or otherwise) will NOT be covered by Yamaha’s warranties, and U.S. service centers will not repair such products under warranty. Check our Service Locator for a list of U.S. Authorized Servicers.

Unknown if woot.com is a Yamaha Authorized Dealer.

But after you work that out – I’ll vote for it.

I want one of these (can’t justify to pregnant wife).

HDCP 2.2
(Atmos for those guys).

AVS Forum Thread:

quick scan didn’t find systemic problems (did note that if you hook up two TV but only turned one on, it didn’t like that - you need to go into the menu and turn the second output on or off).

Yamaha AVR also usually need a setting changed if you use 4K HDR (simple as setting mode 1 vs mode 2).

Recent firmware release (15 May 2018):


Just tell her how much better movies like, Rosemary’s Baby, Omen, The Other, and The Bad Seed will sound.
You could sneak buy it, and hide it in the closet until after the baby. Then, while she is away take it out and hook it up and act like it’s been their for ages.

$337.07 at Fry’s Electronics… What’s the point of shopping at woot if we have to shop woot to make sure we get the best price…

Hey there, it does look like this item is unavailable to ship out on Fry’s, which means it’s likely only available in their brick and mortar store. We strive to have the lowest price on the internet, and that applies to items that can be purchased and shipped online.

Correct, while its listed for sale at Frys, it’s not able to be shipped. If you look at the inventory, there are only 3 available in store at 2 locations in CA and 1 in GA. They’re that price because they are display items. Its otherwise unable to be purchased.

So if you live in City of Industry California, by all means go pick it up.

Otherwise this is a pretty good price on a pretty nice receiver.

Now Woot…when are you going to get some great speakers on sale to pair with this?

Mother ship has the Musicast capable wireless speakers on sale for $99. Makes a great addition to this system. Normally $250.00


Thanks for the link, but I’m talking about passive speakers for this reciever to power. It’s rare when woot ever has any passive speakers. A great woot om some high quality floorstanding speakers would be great.

Hey woot, find a deal on some Pionner FS22, Elac F5/f6, or some other nice budget floorstanders and I’d be happy.

Alrighty…I just ordered one of these. My 10 year old Onkyo receiver started making cracking/popping noises through every speaker, regardless of the source. The repair shop told me yesterday that the processor board needs to be replaced at a cost of around $350.

I figured for a few dollars more (isn’t that the name of a Clint Eastwood movie?) I could buy a modern receiver with WiFi and a lot of other goodies. I just hope that being refurbished it isn’t too scratched up and things. I read lots of reviews and they all had good things to say about this model. We shall see.

I just got this. My 2007 Onkyo was acting up too. It went into setup mode in the middle of anything randomly and lately way too often. I kind of reviewed some of the Owners thread on AVS, thought I’d give this a shot.

It looks like they are sold out. I believe this is the reason it is not available to be shipped. My original remark was that is is possible to find the same deals or better if you poke around the web. This was not the case before with woot :slight_smile:

Wow, mine just arrived earlier this afternoon. That was quick. If this receiver is supposedly refurbished I cannot tell it. It looks brand new. $370 for an $850 MSRP receiver is one heck of a deal.

I’m looking forward to hooking everything up and tweaking the settings. It’ll have to wait a few days though. It arrived right when we’re getting ready to head out for the holiday weekend.