Yamaha 7.2-channel Network AV Receiver

Does this receiver have a phono input?

None shown on the rear panel.

I have this model, I like it well enough. I will point out the AV inputs do NOT convert to HDMI for the HDMI out, they instead are just switched to the AV out, so you’ll need to run that cable as well if you have anything old enough to need it. instead of just the HDMI cable.

Setup is pretty easy and you can fine tune individual speaker volume to match your room and sitting position best.

Airplay and bluetooth inputs (I have an Echo i keep connected to it) are nice (and it has a visual display for the TV if you switch to the receiver while using anything builtin like that, including Spotify)

Downsides are:

Bluetooth won’t autoconnect. I have an Echo Dot i’d like to keep connected to it but every time the receiver powercycles with the TV the bluetooth connection is lost and needs to be told to reconnect. If I remember right bluetooth can “wake” the receiver but it won’t stay connected when off.

If you’re listening to something streaming and then decide to watch TV you’ll need to switch it manually unless the TV was off initially, it won’t autoswitch to the ARC channel if the port was previously active (at least with my TV?)

All in all I like mine, but I got it for about this price new on sale at Costco, so refurb for the same price is a good but not great deal.

The spec sheet regarding CONNECTIVITY is puzzling for digital optical and coaxial as well as composite video. I’m expecting a quantity… Instead you get jan-00, feb-00, & 1-apr!!!

What are the correct answers?

Weird! I’m asking the team.

Digital Audio Input/Output: Optical 1 / 0
Digital Audio Input/Output: Coaxial 2 / 0

Could you get an adapter to go from this “phono” thing to RCA plugs?

I tried to order, but it says it’s sold out. Is it available, or not?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

No. At least, not in the way you’re thinking.

Phono cartridge output signal is much lower than line-level inputs, and requires equalization. This requires a separate phono preamplifier if one’s not built into the receiver. Just plugging a turntable into the Aux AV inputs will result in faint, tinny sound.

I remember this from back in the days before vinyl became obsolete.

Get one of those fancy USB turntables and then hook that to a computer where you can stream it to this receiver via bluetooth or wifi or whatever. (or use the computer’s 3.5mm audio out with an RCA adapter)

I have Harmon Kardon speakers. Will this work with those to the same level as my HK speakers? Everyone at Best Buy said that in order to get the best quality, stay with HK. But I don’t see where it makes that big of a deal. Any input is appreciated.

Description says that it can be controlled by the av controller app. If you look up compatible models from the link on the Apple App Store description to the Yamaha av_controller page at Yamaha it does not list this model. Will the av controller app control this model?


Is the bluetooth on the receiver 4.2 or 5.0?

I still have vinyl that I want to be able to play and I’m not interested in a phono preamp or USB turtable. So I’ll be passing on this. I really need a new receiver that is 4K compatible to, so I’m going to keep looking. Sorry Woot!

What is wrong with a phono preamp? you are not going to find an affordable 4k receiver with a built in phono amp. https://smile.amazon.com/Pyle-Phono-Turntable-Preamp-Preamplifier/dp/B00025742A/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1525913234&sr=8-4&keywords=phono+preamp&sa-no-redirect=1

$75 more, includes phono circuit, analog to digital video scaler, 1 year warranty, free shipping, and a better YPAO (RSC) version:


Oh, and some component video inputs for the older HD stuff :smiley:

I’ve been looking at the RX-V681 for a couple of days - will probably be going with that one for the extra $

Thanks for the suggestion. Nothing “wrong” with a phono preamp, and I have seen affordable 4K receivers on occasion that have it built in, so I’ll keep looking. I have my home theater equipment in a tight space, and prefer to avoid add-ons like a preamp along with the associated wall-wart power supply. To me, a built in turntable input is worth looking for. Several suppliers still include phono preamps internally, vinyl isn’t quite dead yet… :slight_smile:

Frankly, this item looks to be a fairly good deal except I am somewhat turned off by refurbs, I have had two refurbished TVs fail shortly after purchase right here on Woot! Sometimes electroncs fails after running for a few days and the repair/refurbisher can’t spend too long on each one, so a few get out without being fixed. Sad, but true.

Disappointing that this was not answered. Would have bought a couple yesterday.

Any idea if these will be listed again any time soon? My clicker finger was too slow!