Yamaha Generators

Descriptions and photos don’t match for the 79cc generators (blue vs camo).

The EF200ISH is RealTree camo. The model listed here is EF200IS which is the standard blue model.

Not a bad price when compared to Amazon.


Buy two and get the parallel kit. Much easier to move around two small generators than one larger one. Besides, if you only need 2,000 watts you only need to run one unit and save on gas. A lot of RV owners do this to run dry camp. Use both units to run the AC during the day and only one unit at night when it’s cooler.

Sorry for the mixups- photos, descriptions & model numbers should all be good now!

EF1000iS: What good is a generator with a 12V output???

You ever plug anything into your car?

For those using it for camping, car/rv applications, the 12 volt comes in handy when you are running a 120v appliance and need to plug in a cigarette plug to charge a tablet/phone/gps/etc.

It doesn’t only output 12 volt…

Way less expensive to buy the Smarter Tools inverter based 2000 watt generator from Costco for $599. Uses the yamaha engine too…

Am I the only one that thinks that motorcycle in the picture looks like a really angry and frightening bug?

No? Just me?

From the owners manual:

Avoid connecting the generator to commercial
power outlet.
Avoid connecting the generator in parallel with any
other generato

Yep… The 09-14 r1 have had to live with that face for a while now.

I still wish they would add Propane Generators. Nothing is more a pain in the a$$ than trying to get gasoline in a area in a power out, since the pumps require gasoline… Propane is always freely available

I suggest checking out the WEN 2000 Watt Inverter Generator. It’s available for $499.99 on Amazon and includes parallel connection capabilities along with an in-panel USB port.

Yamaha Motor? Its kinda important. and I think not.

I usually don’t do this, but I logged in just to say that ef2000is is a great genny. Have owned one for about 3 yrs. I use it for tailgating. This is a good deal, as Yamaha price controls these. They are usually $989. I’m all for saving cash, but this is one of those purchases where you get what you pay for. Don’t waste your money on a Chinese knockoff, even if it is half as much. I’ve never had a problem with it, starts on the first or second pull every time, is crazy quiet, and runs forever on a tank of gas. If you’re in the market for a small inverter, this or the Honda are your best bets.

And to the person quoting the owners manual, you are incorrect and quoting it out of context. These are designed to be ran in parallel with another EF2000is if desired, however you need a special adapter sold by Yamaha. This will double your output, and more importantly provide a 30amp hookup for people with large RVs/campers.


Ditto on Franks Note…
I bought my Yamaha EF2000iS from Wise Sales in 2011 for $879.99 & worth it’s weight in gold when we got the Sandy storm wrap around later that fall… (CLE area) that was free S&H and no tax!!

If I was going to drop some bucks on a invertor genset, I would pickup what I’ve seen at the camping grounds and on jeep trips and drycamping. Honda. But I’ve yet to find a natural gas conversision kit for these smaller units. I run a 8k watt troybilt for the home and installed a conversion kit so I can run propane, natural gas or gas. Starts slower (more turns to fire up) on NG but nice to have when you can’t get gas at the local store. I picked up a Predator Generator - item#61169 from harbor frieght over a year ago and performs as well as it can for 500.00. It’s a backup to my backup LoL but small enough to toss in the back of the jeep vs the monstor troy bilt. To me though, it’s pricy for the times you might need it. I keep mine in the basement (stowed away along with a chain saw) in the event everything above ground level to removed by mother nature. At least I have something to fall back on. Just not as much…

I don’t normally post, but wanted to say that you can get a conversion kit from http://www.propane-generators.com/

I got one for my Yamaha 3000iseb and the conversion kit makes it a tri-fuel generator now. I don’t use gasoline and run purely on propane tanks because they run cleaner (yeah thats right Hank Hill) and the indefinite shelf life of propane given that the tanks are in healthy state. I run my genny to a transfer switch give power to certain circuits if/when I have a power outage from grid.