YAMAHA Powered Subwoofer

YAMAHA Powered Subwoofer

$1300 for a freakin’ subwoofer, list price $2k? Who the hell buys these things?


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The guy who posted the 5 page review on the $1800 (list $2600) KEF speakers for sale on here right now.
He claims they need a sub crossed over at 40hz to make up for their ‘weakness’ in that area.
He’ll be buying two of them, as he has 2 pair :roll_eyes:

It probably can be written off as a “business expense” for, um, their Sound Studio… :slight_smile:

Everyone has different priorities. If I have $1300, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy myself one of those Wagyu Rib Roasts, but speakers I will not.

That’s not a crazy price for a decent subwoofer, but i wouldn’t pay that much for a ported one from Yamaha.

It’s overkill of all you want is something to boom and shake during movies, but subwoofers that evenly play music on low frequencies cost money.

Fairly sketchy to claim 1,000 watts of output when the sub has to get to 10% THD @100hz to do it. I doubt it can output more than half of that at 1%THD.

Indeed THDs. Yup. I thought the same…