Yamaha Premium Sound True Wireless Earbuds

Yamaha Premium Sound True Wireless Earbuds

The Pointless Price doesn’t mean much, but you already know that.
A few bucks cheaper than the mothership.
Maybe I’ll read some reviews before adding to cart.

Except for two 1-star reviews that were written in French, they get good reviews. I’m in for a pair.

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Hence the name.


Oh, and the mothership has the same MSRP, so that should cut a few complaints out.

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Have you received them yet and if so do you like them or recommend them? Its hard to trust amazon reviews sometimes company’s will send cards with the product. saying that if you take a picture of your review and they can see the review has posted. They will then email you 20$ gift card to amazon. They also right on the card to not post a picture of the card / offer on the review.


Yamaha premium sound…



No. I was all talk when I said I was in for a pair. Sorry about that.


Can’t argue with that.

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I am new to wireless earbuds but ordered these because of the Yamaha name and good reviews. I put on the largest earpieces hoping that they would not feel like they are slipping out of my ear but, alas, they do slip out without much encouragement. If you have deep outer ear canals or large ears they may work for you but I find them impossible to seat and they don’t rest securely in my outer ear either. The sound is secondary if they don’t stay in.

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I give these earbuds, 2 Mark Ruffalos