Yamaha TSR-7850R 7.2-Channel Network AV Receiver

Yamaha TSR-7850R 7.2-Channel Network AV Receiver

Darn it Woot!, why do you do this to me? I have already been spending too much money recently but I’ve been considering updating my 15+ year old receiver. This looks like it has more than everything I need plus I will be future proofed for a while. The bad thing is that my current receiver still seems to be working ok and I have trouble spending money to replace something that is still working.

Sold out already! Wow

Sold Out ??? Did you have two for sale ???

Add a few 000s to the two :slight_smile: We also limited purchases to 1 per customer. But there is strong customer demand. We will try to get more. Appreciate the interest!

Purchased this Woot during the last sale and it’s a great deal! My Yamaha receiver arrived in pristine shape and works like a champ…

The Wizard worked some of his magic and conjured a few more units for this deal. Grab them while you can.

Gandalf Swag


And it is back in stock as of this moment. I’m still going to resist though since I’m sure there will be more deals in the future and I really don’t need this right now.

My older AV2600 is still working great. Though I don’t have the WIFI ability, it’s not a feature I’d dump my current unit for. I’ve yet to find a more scalable or adaptable device then the 2600. Todays offer would make for a nice unit in a Florida room or RV IMO.

I bought this new at Costco for $450 a few weeks ago but would have bought it here if it was offered when I needed it. It’s a great receiver, I have a PC, cable box, 4k BR player, and 1080 3D BR player hooked up to it with one HDMI output going to the 4k Vizio tv and the second going to an Optoma 3D projector. Instead of the remote having buttons for switching source, it has buttons for “scenes”. That allows you to switch the source as well as the output HDMI, and several other settings, all at one time.

I’m also enjoying the internet radio feature. There’s a free option which I’m using, plus several pay options.

I have it running 7.2 speakers and it sounds great. The built in speaker setup has them all perfect, and it even told me that one was out of phase so I reversed the wires. For this price, you just are not going to be able to beat it.

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Do you have to be an Apollo engineer to wire that thing?

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Are we going to get more units & is there any way I can set notifications to get alerts when available

That’s all we were able to get. Unfortunately, we don’t have notifications. It’s on our wish list.

Crap. Came back in stock and had no idea! Any chance at all you get more or should we all move on? Thanks

Nice for its time. But anything with S-video connectors on it must be hopelessly out of date for the contemporary surround sound, HDMI, 4K, etc… standards of today. And it isn’t simply WiFi, network capability greatly updates the capability of an AVR to do streaming.

Not saying it isn’t still a wonderful AVR, only that it is isn’t up to date.

To those feeling left out - these are largely Costco buyers remorse return units and Costco still sells it. So more units will very likely be forthcoming as in the past.

Nice deal, even vs. when Costco has it on a discount/sale price. And it still has the 1-year Yamaha factory warranty, albeit, missing the additional year of warranty included when buying at Costco.

you could probably get one of these as a stop-gap solution until this one finally rests in peace.

Dayton Audio WFA02 Audio Adapter which claims to let you connect your analog system with your PC or Music Streaming Service.

That truly is a stopgap solution. You could also plug in an old iPod or iPad or any smartphone to get streaming services.

Having the network function integrated with the AVR and its app is much nicer and easier to use when streaming.

Quick question re: your setup. So where is the AVR in relation to the projector and TV? Are the TV and projector in the same room, just on different walls? How long are the HDMI runs?

I’m still planning out my home theater, but the placement of the TV or projector will of course affect where I put the AVR, speakers, etc.