Yamaha TW-E3A True Wireless Earbuds

Yamaha TW-E3A True Wireless Earbuds

Welp, I had to bite the bullet since I love Yamaha audio gear and picked these up. The sound, for the price and ease of use, is great if you get them set up for your particular anatomy and positioning. If not positioned perfectly, you will think these are abysmal. Sound isolation is as excellent as you’d expect from a decent earbud. BT connectivity is painless every time.

If you want balanced reproduction without coloring in a wireless bud, this is it. For anyone familiar with Yamaha HS8s for music production or engineering, this is that Yamaha “we aren’t coloring a THING” providing the same underwhelming low end on most tracks.

Sure, you’re going to hear the weaknesses in any bass if you’re a musician/eng wanting to check EQ or mastering on-the-go. That’s the HS8 honesty coming through here as well. But, the quality just isn’t good enough for a daily listening/rock out sort of immersion. It’s not accurate enough to know if it’s you or the gear that can’t get the sine waves either though like HS8s would reveal. This product is a mixed bag.

I’m not really sold on this use case because the sound is just too dull (even for a Yamaha) with music. Great for audiobooks if that’s your thing. Good enough not to return but not going to be bragging to anyone about them either :confused:

tl;dr - iono, fellow wooters. It’s ok to decent at best.


I was pondering these for everyday use but because it’s Yamaha - I was curious if they might work well as for secondary monitoring for music production. You’re review is super helpful! Thanks so much!