Yammer Time: Born to be Wild


[b]Buh . . . duh duhduhnt . . . duh duhnt, da duhnt . . .

Like a true nature’s child . . . [/b]

Welcome back, yammerers.





Nice new place, AZG. :slight_smile:


Was it warm and squishy?


C o o l, Gman, last post in your own thread.


Thank you!


Folks were being nice and not slamming it . . .


Are we still talking about gophers?


I dunno; you touched it!!


I hope so.


I was going to say that Howard McNair did make a very strange barber! I like to listen to old time radio on xm and one of my favorite shows is Gunsmoke. He played Doc on the radio version and was very good. Kind of makes me wonder what the character break down on Floyd was supposed to be.


Zea, I have been following Tracy Hayes’ blog in the Houston Chronicle. My heart goes out to her. She is so brave and one fine lady.


Good question.


Hi everyone!
Looks like someone’s button worked!


It may have been yours . . . they’ve had issues with thread-locking before.


I’m not familiar with her story and I couldn’t find it online. Do you have a link?


Houston chron, Life section, blogs


there was a radio show*???*

i edited some dailies from an episode of Gunsmoke… pretty common editing assignment for film students apparently… the episode was called Buffalo Man or Buffalo Hunters or something like that… but that’s about the extent of my Gunsmoke knowledge…


Most of the early TV shows started on the radio and then migrated to the tiny screen.

Nice place Gman.


Miss Kitty not only owned the saloon, but she also ran a brothel in it.