Yammer Time: Let's Snerk, Chortle, and Roll!!


[b]Buh . . . duh duhduhnt . . . duh duhnt, da duhnt . . .

No stop signs, speed limits . . . nobody’s gonna slow me down!!![/b]

Welcome back, yammerers.

Congrats to LKK for the LP; looks like ya beat daj by seconds!!


First post!!!


Hi Gman and Boys, take care of him today he had a busy day yesterday and prolly needs
R&R, and keep singing your song.


nice new digs gman


stretches out, looks around at the new thread
ya this will be suitable for me…
starts unpacking


Hey gman! Did you have a good birthday? aren’t you working today?


Okay b’day . . . done workin’ . . . doin’ laundry for my biz trip . . .


Don’t forget to throw in the red sox with your whites! makes 'em extra clean ya know.


Yeah; I’m a rookie in the laundry dept.!!!





Time to sort socks and fold tees . . . bbl . . .


cya Gman


Two of my sisters are breast cancer survivors . . .

Thank-you for some perspective.


I was the one that reported Dname so they would close it down!

Ok, I’m fine now.


I had this on page 100 of your last thread, so wanted to post it for you on page 1 of the new!

Thanks, AZ… we have laughed and cried, and perhaps made you do both in your beer!!


I can’t believe you are going to be gone for 2 weeks!! ? We will miss you. I hope you will have a good time with family and miss your Woot family, at least a little.


Really two weeks! This computer phobia needs to be taken care of.


I thought he liked us. :crying:


I should have smacked him before he left! Knock some sense into him!


Perhaps. Just use a good steak and ale if you get the chance, though.