Yammer Time: Same posts, different day.


[b]Buh . . . duh duh duhnt . . . duh duhnt, da duhnt . . .


Congrats to Pooflady.

Mornin’, folks.


Firsties! :slight_smile:

Hope everyone else has better weather than us- rainy rainy rainy…


I’ll trade our expected 99+ temp and mega humidity!!


good morning! is it really gonna be that hot?


Maybe a little less up y. Tomorrow’s s’pose to be killer, though


It’s humid here. Had to go out in the downpour to unclog one of the gutter drains- negative thing about house being under a 100+ year old oak- always little branches in the gutters.


I can imagine!


Morning AZ, Skek
Only a predicted high of 97 here.Looks like fall :tongue:


you need those magic gutters that curve around to let the water in but sticks fall off. supposed to be magical.

edit: 92+ here. the + being thunderstorms. Already very humid.


Mornin Joseph


or the robot gutter cleaner. :slight_smile:

Morning everyone! Nice new Yammer digs G’man!



PWA: Where You Can Make Fun of Everyone!

No t’storms anticipated here/


no storms here either. And we could use one!


Us, too.


take ours. we’ve had so much rain I’ve got the most colorful and diverse crop of fungi growing out of our lawn.


I would GLADLY take an all day thunderstorm today!!

of course, if you sent it to me via smartpost it might not get here until next week…



is this the weather channel?

lessee…we’re sposed to be in the mid-70s with high humidity and t-storms this afternoon

which is good cuz I don’t feel like waterin everything this mornin


Morning everybody.

Already 84 here, but feels like 90 because the $#%@# dewpoint’s 73. That’s ugly.


well, time to go shoppin