Yammer Time: We'll chat if you know who's not here.

[b]Buh . . . duh duh duhnt . . . duh duhnt, da duhnt . . .


That sounds sadly ominous. I hope you aren’t planning on leaving us. It would make me very most sad. Still, a certain someone should stop some of the rather loud silent treatment now.

The new thread will make a certain someone happy…

And there is no need to go anywhere. unless you are going on a cool vacation or something, of cours.

Hey, there’s tigger. Great. Glad to see him.

Until the matrons weigh in, this ain’t a thread worth wastin’ words in.

Yeah, well if you think you can get rid of me that easy, you can’t.

//happy dance for new yammer, not for the pessimistic attitude of it’s creator.


What is kma???

Thank you.

I promise to post every day.

No poo reports either.

Hey it’s a yammer! Life is good!


Any bets on when we’ll get a new PWA???

edit: excluding a start by someone who has never posted here.

Cruzer was around this week.
I guess we will see.

Ain’t gonna happen until daj or whomever can e- badger him into showing up to start PWA anew.

And daj is barely a part of us anymore, as it is.


All gone

Where are they finding these lives?

true. His real life does tend to get in the way of his woot life these days…

Everyone’s does.

I’m about done, too.

I come back as often as work allows right now… When I get home I’m ready for sleep!

ahhhhh, much better.
Thank you Gman.