Yard Machines Electric Snow Thrower

**Item: **Yard Machines Electric Snow Thrower
Price: $80.00
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Condition: New

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This product is probably not going to be useful in the Northeast.

Nor in the Southeast. Where is this useful for?

It would last about 15 minutes, in Iowa, if you are lucky.

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Is it just me or do “electric” and “snow” don’t really seem to go together?

I have a larger electric snowthrower and it is useful even in very deep snow. It is light enough to pick up and sweep over deep snow taking about 8 inches at a time. Much easier than shoveling, and no hassling with gas, oil, starting…

I’ve used a larger electric snowblower for the last 30 years. Always starts, and I’ve only run over the extension cord once. :slight_smile:

Good, ships to Florida.

I own a machine that’s very similar to this one which I received as a gift. It’s a great little machine…light weight and easy to use and gets rid of snow very easily. It has its place during a snowy winter but don’t even think of using it after a heavy snow storm (more than 5 or 6 inches).

In deeper snow the machine will simply not work, as it only digs a hole in the snow and not blow the snow out of the hole. What’s worse is running into the daily newspaper which your friendly newspaper person tossed into your driveway. The results of this is that the augers will break or the newspaper will bind between the augers and the housing. You need to stop and remove the paper from the machine piece by piece. Nevertheless, in a light snowfall the machine can’t be beat.