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Wizard Elevated Garden: Where’s the feet? [Edit: “legs included” oh there they are!]

Bought a Poulan Pro couple months ago and out of the box needed a new carb. Remember it can’t be returned, so it’s a gamble, I lost.

Anyone know if you could grow tomato plants in this thing? My nearing-elderly parents love to grow them but the fruit almost always gets eaten by squirrels, rabbits, etc, on the ground–would this help? Any guidance appreciated!

I grow grape tomatoes in mine and they are still growing strong. I am not sure about the “self-watering” part as I need to water at least every other day. HOWEVER replace the legs before you fill the container with anything. I have 5 of these, three with treated lumber legs (those are great) two with the plastic legs you see in the ones sold here. I got home from work and one of the plastic ones had bent, the container toppled and all my lettuce was on the floor, dead. Yup, replace the legs, especially if your parents need to lean on or hold the container in any way.

It can be returned if it is defective- just not if you have buyer’s remorse.

the ryobi edger is a deal even if all you want is the battery. a standalone battery is 100 bucks and the charger is an extra 50…

Has a pretty explicit warning on it - Hey! HEY! IT’S IMPORTANT YOU READ THIS! This here item requires fuel, so it can’t be returned to Woot. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. But you are still covered by the Manufacturer for warranty claims. We have enough broken crap around here, we don’t need yours cluttering up the place.

Returning it to manufacturer, in my experience, isn’t worth the hassle for the $30 the replacement carb cost.

I think the three photos of the chainsaw are not the same exact model. Note that in the first photo, the black plastic guard between the chain and the handle has three vertical slots, and in the second photo, it has two horizontal slots. Also the colors seem different: yellow in the first photo, and orange in the other two photos. Also the “18” on the chain guide is a narrower font in the first photo than on the second photo.

ONLY buy the RYOBI string trimmer for the batteries.

Because of the design of the motor placement, it’s going to burn out on you after a few uses.

I bought two, one burned out (actually caught on fire) after 3 uses, the other one was DOA. Also this does not have a bump head, and while the auto feed worked to some degree, I had to pop the cover off often to retrieve the line from the head. Also, replace the string with heavy duty string to give a better cut.

As far as the battery went, it lasted an entire edge and trim in my normal sized yard.

I’ll be taking them to a Ryobi repair shop (1 year warranty included they told me via email, even with this refurb) and then dumping them cheap.

I’m replacing mine with their newer model that accepts the regular attachments from my gas trimmer. The new design they moved the motor up top, away from moisture and debris.

I can buy the newer model sans batteries, newer style bump head and have a couple batteries ready to go …still cheaper than buying into the newer system new.

Hey there! We checked in with the vendor and they said that it is indeed the correct image:

Regarding the elevated garden tub thingy. I have made this comment before when this was offered. If you, as I do, have indoor/outdoor cats, I have just three words for you…Gigantic Litter Box.

I can’t speak to this manufacturer in particular, but I’ve always had good luck with dealing with refurbs that came dead on arrival. They usually want you to cover shipping, it’s part of their standard policy and for warranty repairs and they are just following a template. But the minute I mention that it was dead out of the box, and usually throw in something along the lines of “It seems in poor taste to expect me to cover shipping for something that, as a manufacturer refurb, should have never made it out of your quality assurance in this condition”, they cover it completely.

In fact this exact scenario just happened with a Neato refurb vacuum on Woot. Came dead on arrival, initial manufacturer reply wanted me to cover shipping, and they waived it the minute I submitted proof of purchase showing I just received it and this was not your typical warranty claim. And not just waived it, sent me a replacement out with two-day shipping, along with a pre-printed return label to send the broken one back. Loved working with Neato Robotics.

Only once have I decided dealing with the manufacturer wasn’t worth the shipping cost/hassle.

Some sound and reasonable advice, thanks for your time.