YardForce 12-Inch 13-Amp Leaf Shredder

I have a 42" leaf shredder that doubles as a mulching grass cutting device

If you want a more robust string, try using a #8 guitar string instead. Just make sure it is straight and doesn’t destroy any plastic parts from being bent up or down too far.

what’s the concensus on shredding documents in a hurry?

Well I’ve been doing it that way for years and my St. Augustine looks better than ever. My empirical evidence would disagree with you. I’m no scientist but I know plants need nitrogen(from grass clippings) and carbon(from leaves) to be healthy.

Any input how this would work as a paper shredder and what the final “product” would look like coming out?

The shredder we have is a bit slow for my taste, not to mention it only handles 10 sheets at a time.

probably better off burning it.

You have to rake up the leaves but then you can load in armfuls at a time. The hopper probably holds at least a bushel at a time and is continuously emptying itself and making more room while it’s in operation.