YardStash Tents - Your Choice

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YardStash Tents - Your Choice
Price: $105.99 - 128.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Feb 27 to Tuesday, Feb 28) + transit
Condition: New


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ehhh, a tent? Not sure this ‘solution’ is any better than leaving that crap strewn across the front lawn.

-Cletus, the slack-jawed yokel

Yep. I wuz thinking teh same. I’m not sure if these will make my yard as classy as the Hollister’s across the crik. Seems like more work, which I canot abide.

Is there a model to hide my still with a chimney outlet?

I’m liking the comments so far,keep em coming and I’ll check back later.

Some folks would never eat a cat and then again some folk’ll…

This’n thing here might be useful as a “dog house” when the Misses is havin’ one of her spells.

Does anyone know if these lock? I just need one to take my sons bike down to the lake

Sure, but just know I keep a master key for all tents in my pocket. It doubles as a knife.

Got 'em!

I generally read the comments on WOOT products. Most are not very helpful. They are often opinions or knit picking at best. My questions are (1) how well do these hold up in high winds and if they do what wind speeds can they handle? (2) In addition, How are they secured to concrete? If I purchase one or more of these I would use them for winter pool equipment storage. Many thanks.

It should be spelled “nitpicking”. (IMO)

I’m inclined to agree with other commenters that point out the “universal unlocking powers” of a knife on a tent.

However, with a two zipper opening, you could certainly use a lock like this to prevent the doors from opening.

Agree fully about the chatter. So hopefully these will help.

I have one for my bike and it survived some gusts of up to 50mph so far but I have it in a fenced corner area. I had a number of medium size branches fall on it though and no damage at all.

As far as securing it to the concrete, you could put in some anchors and screw eyes in the concrete and then attach the yardstash to those.

All things considered I’m really happy with the one I bought and am seriously considering a second on for the lawn care stuff so I can get it out of the garage.

I’ve had one of these, and I just got rid of it after about a year and a half. I live in a townhome with a tiny backyard area, which is where we kept our bikes.

The pros:
It kept our bikes covered and dry, for the most part, although over time we noticed a few leaks would get in.

It easily stores two bikes in it, although sometimes you have to wiggle them around to get it to fit just right.

The customer service from the company – I had another cover from them (we had 3 bikes, so we kept two in the tent and had just a general YardStash cover on the third bike). When the cover tore, they sent us a replacement immediately.

The stability – as a previous comment said, when anchored to the ground, it’s pretty stable and can withstand rain and wind.

The cons:
Weatherability – If it’s in the sun, it WILL dry out and get brittle. We ended up throwing it out because my handlebars went through it when I was trying to get the bike out, since the fabric was so brittle from the sunlight. There was zero resistance.

The aforementioned leaking. Once it started leaking a little, we really couldn’t figure out where it was coming in. I worried about rust, although it never appeared.

I probably could have contacted customer service regarding the tent, just like I did the cover, but ultimately I decided I didn’t like the tent enough and didn’t want to replace it. However, if you have minimal storage space and a small, uncovered yard area, this will work. Just be careful if it’s in direct sunlight.

Tip of the day…

If you live in an area that gets snow. Clean it off after every storm.


I just don’t see the point.

Or build a shed. Those will last much longer than this rectangle tent and although sheds cost more, you’ll be able to store much more in them and it may add value to your property if it’s built right and on concrete.