Yarn from BOC - How I'm using it

Many moons ago I received a skein of jewel tone yarn in a BOC. I see people are still receiving them, so wanted to share my product.

It is a 16" square. Grandson asked for a knitted blanket, and this is #4 of either 20 (4x5) or 30 (5x6). Love the colors.

He had seen this blanket I’d done earlier:

The other squares in the one for him will have lots of the jewel tone colors, plus some very personal to him ones.


So pretty!

WOW. You knitted up a really nice thing!

Thank you!

The first blanket is absolutely perfect for afternoon naps.

Norwegian granny taught me to knit when I was 9, since that was the age by which girls needed to know how.


Very pretty! I love it and I’m sure it’ll last him a lifetime.

I think I made a hat with mine. That’s all I know how to make lol.

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Blankets are easier than hats. They just take a lllloooonnnnngggg time and lots of yarn. :crazy_face:

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